Hi, I'm Moustafa the Passionpreneur and this is My Story

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know what makes you tick?

Without knowing the answer to this question, you will always feel like something is missing no matter how successful you are…

…which is how I felt many years ago while I was running a multi-million dollar business in Dubai while living a seemingly successful life.

I was a co-founder of a communications firm involved in events, entertainment and modeling with 45 full-time employees, a 6,000 square feet office and partners that were pretty much ruling the nightlife scene in town. Our holding group at that time had created the most successful nightlife ventures one of which was the first global Cavalli Club, a $30 million restaurant-lounge designed by the infamous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

I will leave it to you to imagine how my lifestyle was!

As much as my life looked super successful and the stuff you see in movies and rap videos, on the outside, inside I was all empty. Sure enough, I had a nervous breakdown and started waking up every day dreading going to work – the same business that, at one point in time, was my dream-come-true!

My business was great, my lifestyle was enviable, but I wanted more out of life beyond this golden cage. I kept asking myself, “What am I doing with my life?” It became increasingly apparent that having clarity on one’s passion and purpose affects more than just direction, it impacts the quality of life and probability of success!


The search led me to buying a one-way ticket to India in 2012.

The story of my journey from “Cavalli To Manali” is a whole book in itself, but not the purpose of this site. I will, however, share two key incidents that stand out for me, that were pivotal in my life.

The first of them was spending time in the Himalayas with a Swami who had been meditating in caves for 13 years who asked me during one of our interactions:

“Do you know what you are thirsty for?”

“If you do not know what you are thirsty for, you cannot quench your thirst.”

But, it was the shock of discovering by coincidence that I had a ‘medically non-curable’ disease shook me into awareness.

I asked myself, If this was it and I was going to die…DID MY LIFE REALLY MATTER?

Although I healed through a mixture of extensive meditation, healthy diet, herbal healing and focus techniques those incidents changed my life and made me keep ask three specific questions that I urge you to ask yourself:

Was I FULLY ENGAGED WITH MY LIFE or was I just a tourist?
Did I live a life that was MEANINGFUL TO ME rather than complying to people’s expectations?
What LEGACY and impact did I have?

When I came back to Dubai in 2013, I delivered an inspirational talk where I shared my story in a TEDx-style event. A few months later I was working at the terrace of a hotel and one gentleman walked up to me and said

“Hey, are you that speaker guy?” I said “yes.” He said, “you did a talk about your India journey.” I said “yes.” He replied,

“you changed my life! “

And that was the AHA! moment for me, I suddenly found out what I was thirsty for.

Since then I have invested all my time and efforts in studying and researching the topic of passion and by 2016 I launched Passion Sundays, world’s leading passion talk-show where I have interviewed in person, to date, 160+ leader, authors, speakers, coaches, celebrities, Olympians and Nobel prize laureates diving deep into their interpretation of passion and its impact on all aspects of success in life & work.

By end of that year I got recognised as one of the top 100 coaches & leaders of the future by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 Executive Coach.

Keeping in mind that over 12,000 coaches applied means the acceptance ratio is LESS THAN 1%. Compared to Harvard that admitted 938 of 6,473 applicants last year, (14% of applicants) means it was 14 TIMES HARDER to be shortlisted as one of the top 100 than to be ADMITTED INTO HARVARD!

One of my interviews was featured on the blog of Thinker50, the world’s most prestigious ranking of the top 50 management thinkers alive.

The depth of the work done on the topic led me to Co Author a Book with Brian Tracy, being named “Mr. Passion” by Prof. Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Mapping & Nobel Prize nominee, and as “The Passionpreneur” by The National and recently publishing the Amazon #1 Bestseller:


Global Leaders Testimonials

The years of research & study enabled me to synthesize this deep level of understanding passion to move from just concepts & theories into an integrand end-to-end processes, tools and techniques.

Throughout the years, I have delivered HUNDREDS OF PASSION TALKS TO TENS OF THOUSANDS ACROSS 5 CONTINENTS and synthesized all of this knowledge into frameworks to help organizations use passion as a competitive advantage to DOMINATE THEIR MARKET; and for executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers to build their global brand so that they become recognized as PASSIONATE THOUGHT LEADERS.

My philosophy in life is to

live a life so fully it is a life worth dying for.

And to be clear, to #LivePassionately means I take care of all angles of life, not only work, so I always have a healthy dose of adventure, nature, yoga, mediation, social work and lots of network building on a global scale to create a Passion Tribe.

So the fundamental question I have of you is whether, or not, you want to become a successful passionpreneur who is changing the world while enjoying an amazing life truly worth living?

I hope you will join the movement.

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