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What To Expect

Motivational speaker

An Expert Who Drives Changes Through Keynotes

The rise of digital media has opened the floodgates of noise, allowing anyone with an opinion and access to a social platform to call themselves a 'speaker'.
But if you're a decision-maker invested in your event you want more than just an ‘opinion’. Your audience deserves quality content and tangible results.

Research-based content

Author of three bestselling books, a publisher for over 130 global authors and over 22 years in the communications industry, Moustafa ensures the content he delivers for your event is purposefully designed to make an impact.

Multidisciplinary delivery

Moustafa brings diverse world-class credentials to the stage, from executive coaching & hypnotherapy to adventure sports, yoga, and mindfulness. This ensures the content delivered at your event is results-driven, with actionable takeaways.

Lived experiences

As an executive nomad Moustafa draws learning from a life lived in the extremes between boardrooms and caves, immersing himself in diverse cultures globally. This means you're getting a global perspective woven into engaging, real-life stories.

Beyond the stage

Results are not just through what happens on stage, it’s a whole engagement starting with a pre-event consultation through to books, online content, downloadable bonus packs and post event follow up videos means lasting impact beyond the event.
Moustafa’s presentation was to the point, timely, concise, and expertly offered. Audience was actively engaged throughout the session due to Moustafa’s interactive presentation style and his dynamic speaking ability.
United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Uzbekistan

Why Engage

Infectious passion that makes every minute count

Moustafa has the ability to break down complex concepts into simple analogies that provide eye-opening and insightful content.
This leaves your audience with numerous thought provoking moments, which expands their horizons while providing actionable takeaways for immediate impact.

Talks & Workshops

Content themes that solve business challenges

Talks are available in keynote and workshop formats
Keynotes average 1-2 hours. Workshops are available as half day, full day and 2 day sessions.


Mindset Mastery

Help your team foster resilience, develop mental toughness and use challenges for positive growth.
Moustafa Hamwi - passion

Mindfulness & Mental Wellbeing

Master techniques that reduce workplace stress on a mental, physical and emotional levels.
Moustafa Hamwi - mindfullness

Passion & Purpose

Increase collaboration, talent retention and mental wellbeing and improve work-life integration.
Moustafa Hamwi - passion

Effective Presentation Skills

Sharpen your speaking skills and communicate in a way that get you a YES!
Moustafa Hamwi - presentations skills
Many thanks for your valuable and creative session. In fact, calling you for our forum was one of the best decisions we have made in arranging for this event.
Mrs. Maryam al Marzooqi
Deputy Chief Audit Executive, Dubai Aviation City Corporation

We Know Events

Perfect for your next event

Aside from speaking globally, Moustafa has decades of experience organising events including leading one of the largest and most successful event agencies in Dubai.
This means Moustafa and his team know events inside out and know what pressure you are under.

Reasons event organisers love us

Super organized
We know events and support you in meticulous planning to manage expectations and ensure seamless execution.
No drama
We streamline your event experience because we know events inside out. Expect no excessive demands; Moustafa is professional, supportive, and resourceful.
It's a team effort
A great keynote requires more than just delivery on stage. We have a team backing Moustafa up from  research and content development all the way through to design, coordination and followup.
Thanks Moustafa for your passion dose, we had an excellent feedback not only on the speech but as well on interaction with people during casual settings.
Sherif Elhaw
Pfizer Innovative Health