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I empower leaders and teams to cultivate mental wellbeing through mindset mastery, freeing them from negative cycles and reconnecting them with their passion and purpose.
Moustafa Hamwi - Keynote speaker, coach, author
I love Moustafa’s work, he tackles the topic of dealing with your emotional baggage, and does it in a simple & practical way.
Marisa Peer
Globally acclaimed therapist & Founder of RTT
It’s exciting to see what you are doing Moustafa and the influence you are having on the world.
Stephen M. R. Covey
The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author
Moustafa is one of the great 100 leaders & coaches of the future.
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World’s #1 Executive Coach
Moustafa Hamwi - Keynote speaker, coach, author

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moustafa hamwi - slingshot book
Amazon #1 bestselling author
#1 Amazon Bestseller

The practical guide to becoming a master of your destiny, not a victim of your history.

My Story

Hey there, fellow underdog! I’m Moustafa.

One day, I left behind my success in Dubai in search of purpose and meaning. Meeting a Swami who spent 13 years in caves ignited my thirst for impact.
Now, I speak, coach and write.
Life’s been, and still is, a rollercoaster. This journey cultivated genuine care, tough love, and a methodical approach to ensure my work delivers results for individuals and companies.
I bet you can relate when I say my dreams always outgrow my means. Yet, my philosophy is clear:
“Passionate people don't wait for life to happen to them; they happen to life.”

To see how I can support you, let’s connect:

Moustafa Hamwi - travelling IndiaMoustafa Hamwi - skydivingMoustafa Hamwi - motorcyclingMoustafa Hamwi with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Moustafa Hamwi - mountaineeringMoustafa Hamwi with Jay ShettyMoustafa Hamwi monkMoustafa Hamwi - executive nomad

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Speaking, Coaching, Writing

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Keynotes, immersive workshops, and leadership retreats to cultivate mindset mastery and reignite passion within your organization.
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Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching tailored to help passionate leaders break free from negative cycles, gain clarity and their goals and aspirations, and foster mindset mastery.
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Bestselling books by Moustafa

Use these books to win the game of work and the business of life.
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A blog that helps master your destiny

Read, watch, or listen to simplified, practical content catering to an on-the-go lifestyle and different learning preferences.
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Passion is purpose

Over and above spreading passion, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world when you work with us.
We support a number of causes through direct donations, in-kind support like speaking, coaching, and online courses and volunteering.