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Passion is the only way to spark creativity and awaken innovation. It’s the only way to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of a true leader.
Helping you use passion to DOMINATE YOUR MARKET NICHE and leave your mark. That’s what we call the Way of the Passionpreneur.

Moustafa...Mr. Passion, a truly passionate man who loves humanity. Prof. Tony BuzanProf. Tony Buzan

Inventor of Mind-Mapping and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

One of the few individuals that truly understands the power of passion. Tony BuzanJohn Mattone

World’s #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership

Moustafa is one of the great 100 leaders & coaches of the future. D. Marshall GoldsmithDr. Marshall Goldsmith

World’s #1 Executive Coach

Hi there! I’m Moustafa and this is my story...

On a One-Way Ticket Out of Dubai

I was running a multi-million dollar business covering events, entertainment and modelling in Dubai. My business was great, my lifestyle was enviable, but I wanted more out of life beyond this golden cage. I kept asking myself,

“What am I doing with my life?”

This question triggered me to start a journey of an inner search of true passion, purpose, and meaning. Soon enough I found myself abandoning my life in Dubai and buying a one-way ticket to India where I spent time with a Swami who had been in caves for 13 years, yet the climax of the journey was the shock of discovering that I had a ‘medically non-curable’ disease.

Although I eventually healed through alternative remedies, this experience changed my life. I realized that without passion life becomes meaningless and our drive for success diminishes.

Passion is how the most advanced city in the world sprung from the desert sands of Dubai in a few years.
Passion is how Steve jobs put a dent in the universe.
Passion is how Richard Branson started an empire and now wants to go to space.
Passion is how Einstein made discoveries that changed the world.

Passion is the secret ingredient to winning the game of work and business of life.

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