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Moustafa Hamwi - Book, Slingshot
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Become a master of your destiny, not a victim of your history.

Through this book Moustafa helps you to step back to heal your past, and then master your mindset so you can enjoy a more fulfilling life.
Marisa Peer
Globally acclaimed therapist & Founder of RTT
In this helpful book, Moustafa provides useful and practical tools for learning from your past, and invites you to see your future from a new perspective.
Stephen M. R. Covey
The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Includes Empowerment Bonus Pack

Guided Meditation

Specially designed meditation audio to help you master your destiny, along with a script that you can personalise.
Moustafa Hamwi - book - slingshot, live passionately

x2 eBooks

Get a free ebook copy of the bestselling books Live Passionately and The Guided Author.

Inspirational posters

Quotes and visuals that you can print and surround yourself to create an inspiring environment around you.

Guide: Passion to Profit

Comprehensive guide on breaking free and transforming your passion into a business you’ll love.
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Do you feel stuck?

Caught in a cycle of taking one step forward only to be pulled back by an invisible rubber band?
You're not alone
Much of the self-help industry focuses either on digging endlessly into your past or pushing a 'go-go-go' mentality that often leads to burnout.
What you need is a balanced solution - you take one step back to learn from your past, then slingshot into the bright future you deserve by mastering your mindset.
Slingshot guides you through results-driven exercises to rewrite the story of your life.
Moustafa Hamwi - book - slingshot

This book is for you if...

😍 You WANT to

😍 Let go of emotional baggage
😍 Eliminate self-limiting belief
😍 Get past the drama in your life
😍 Turn procrastinating into motivation
😍 Let go of emotional baggage

😥 You DON'T WANT to

😥 Feel stuck in your past
😥 Feel like a victim of your history
😥 Be triggered by people & circumstances
😥 Feel like “something” is holding you back
Moustafa Hamwi - book - slingshot

The practical guide to becoming a master of your destiny, not a victim of your history

What you’ll learn

1. Heal your past

Do not drag the worst of your past into the best of your future.
Appreciate your past
Appreciating your past and honouring your struggles; they have served you!
Understand what is holding you back
You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself
Release your negative emotional baggage
There are no mistakes in life, only learning
Learn from the past to slingshot into the future
Turn your lessons into wisdom and rewrite your story

2. Master your mindset

What sets a mediocre person apart from those who are truly successful!
Believe in yourself
Who else will?
Deal with procrastination and self-limiting beliefs
The Monkey Ladder
Focus on what matters
Who else will?
Learn how to heal your past and master your mindset, with Moustafa Hamwi and his book Slingshot

Still 🤔 is this book right for me?

Check if any of the following resonate with you:
Feel stuck in your past?
Want to get past the drama in your life?
Are doing everything right, but ‘something’ is still holding you back?
Want to get rid of emotional baggage that is holding you down?
Are holding on to fears and insecurities from a past experience?
Certain people or events trigger a strong reaction that your logical mind can’t explain?
If so, then you are stuck in an old story of your life. Slingshot guides you through results-driven exercises to heal your past, rewrite the story and master your destiny.

What global leaders are saying about Moustafa

One of the few individuals that truly understands the power of passion and is making a real difference in the world.
John Mattone
World’s #1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership
If I can give you one piece of advise: if you lack passion call Moustafa!
Fons Trompenaars
World’s Leading Authority on Corporate Culture
Moustafa...Mr. Passion!
Professor Tony Buzan
Inventor of Mind Mapping Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

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