Passion Sundays

What’s The Quality That All Successful People Have In Common?

World’s #1 Wisdom Coach Vikas Malkani says it’s a matter of directing the passion to effective actions to produce the results you want.

Why some people get to be successful and others don’t? There is a secret: passion. Have a look at any field. The top players love what they do.
Few people manage to be number one. Vikas Malkani is one of them. As World’s #1 Wisdom Coach, he coaches Hollywood celebrities and CEOs.
Vikas points out the two life elements: love and fear. He advises to always go for love: ‘that passion is going to be the secret of your success.’
Passion brings you energy and joy. When you truly want to do something, the results will come.
Vikas advises everyone to implement daily TOFU (Time Out For You). ‘Take time out, be silent, look within’.
Success comes down to a simple formula: ‘ the more the passion, the more results you produce.‘ . That’s it. So… how passionate are you?
According to World’s #1 Wisdom Coach, we are all born with passion inside of us. We just have to find it.
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Live Passionately

Moustafa Hamwi
Passionpreneur & Chief Energy Officer
Award Winning Author & Speaker


Moustafa:       Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays – the best way to end a week and start another! Our guest today is a bestselling author on happiness, mindfulness, meditation and soul. They are actually calling him ‘Mr. Soul’. Vikas, thank you very much for being with us today!
Vikas:              A pleasure. Thank you, Moustafa!
Moustafa:       I really appreciate you being here. What an interesting topic! I mean, the angles of meditation and happiness are beautiful but at the end of the day it’s all nurturing one thing, which is the soul.
Vikas:              Absolutely.
Moustafa:       So let’s start with… What does passion mean to you?
Vikas:              Passion is the fuel that keeps everything else moving. I say, let’s take the analogy of a car. Now, I have an engine, which is my action. And the engine takes me where I want to go. But the engine only works if you have the fuel. And the fuel is passion. So passion is what drives the actions to get the results. I have a very simple formula: the more the passion, the more results you produce.
Moustafa:       I like that!
Vikas:              It’s just a matter of directing the passion to what actions are effective to produce the results that you want. So actually, passion is the key ingredient for any successful person. Let’s take you, for example. But let’s also take some people who did it before us. So let’s take Richard Branson. Let’s take a person like Anthony Robbins for example, a well-known motivational speaker. A lot of passion for what it is they do. Let’s take the field of sports. Let’s take Roger Federer, let’s take Novak Djokovic. These guys are playing at the top of their game, wherever the game is. Now why are they doing it? Are they doing it because they need more money? Do they need another win? They are doing it because they love what they do. And Roger Federer actually said that. He says: ‘I play this game because I love this game!’.
Moustafa:       He said: ‘I don’t believe there is anybody on the planet who loves tennis more than I do’ so in a way, I understand, it’s all about the love for it.
Vikas:              Absolutely!
Moustafa:       It’s a beautiful definition of passion. The question is how can you bring soul into that?
Vikas:              See, passion comes from somewhere, Moustafa. All of us have it but not all of us find it. And the reason we don’t find it is because we are not looking in the right place. I say that we are born with passion inside us. And the way to find it is to get to the root of who we are. And that’s the soul. For every human being, we are our bodies, we live with this. But we are what’s inside the body also. So we are our emotions, the things we feel. But we are one level below that. We are what we think. Let’s get that a little bit deeper further. I think either based on my love or my fear. Those are the two elements of my life. All my thoughts come from that. I say let’s go with love. When you look at the things you love, it’s when you find your passion. And that passion is going to be the secret of your success.
Moustafa:       True. It’s always though challenging because we know what we love a lot of times or we think that we know what we love at a certain stage. Then the next shiny object comes on and you say ‘ that’s what I love’ and then the next shiny object. That’s why in my definition I say that passion is about consistency. So how do you differentiate that sign of ‘let’s go with love’ because the challenge is you get caught up in your head when you’re loving something and you’re just pursuing the next thing that you are thinking of.
Vikas:              Yes. What I’ve found in own life as I was growing up is that whenever I was passionate about something I would have high energy. I wanted to do more of it and it was a joy. When I didn’t have the passion, the energy went away, the joy went away and I just didn’t want to do that thing. The key here is to understand the difference between passion and passion desire. A passion desire is something that changes every day, while a passion is something that’s very deep and very driving and very stable. So when you really find your passion, it’s not going to change each day. I’m passionate about the work that I do! I’m passionate about the soul. I’ve been doing it for 20 years. Today, you don’t pay me for it, I’ll still want to do the same thing. When we change day to day, that’s a passing desire. I’m not in a moment or in a state of passion. That is desire that can be passing away. And that is the difference, it’s what you call consistency. I call it stability. You have to find something that is very deep and driving inside of you, which puts you on fire and you want to do it regardless of the consequences, regardless of the results. Now the paradox is that when you find that actual passion and when you do it, the results are good. And when they are not good, you learn from them because you don’t want to give up doing this, you want to keep up.
Moustafa:       When the results are not good, you are still ok with it.
Vikas:              Yeah.
Moustafa:       You are still good with it because it’s learning. You don’t wanna go ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore’.
Vikas:              Yes. See, Moustafa here is another thing. When I find my passion, I’m doing it for the passion. I’m doing it for myself. And this is not a selfish thing, it’s actually the most selfless thing to do because we are born to find our passion and share it with the world. So I’m doing it for myself, I’m not doing it for the world. The world appreciates it, they give me the results I want and it’s fine. But if they don’t, I’m still happy doing it, I still want to do it. eventually we find our tribe and that’s the difference between passion and a passing desire.
Moustafa:       I love that! That’s a very clear distinction. So if there is one advice that you’d like to give to our listeners about finding the soul of their passion or bringing passion into their soul, what would it be?
Vikas:              The first thing is – take time out for yourself. I believe in happiness and health. People sometimes tell me that I should watch my diet. I love life and part of that is loving food. So, you know, I have decided to include tofu in my diet on a regular basis because it’s good for my diet. What is TOFU? It’s Time Out For You.
Moustafa:       Haha, include TOFU.
Vikas:              Include TOFU in your daily diet. We all have to find some time – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, it doesn’t take a long time. I teach many meditations to people. Find time to have 5 minutes, 10 minutes for yourself and to go within. You need to look inside yourself to find your passion, not outside. You need to look within yourself to find authenticity, integrity. Integrity begins with the word ‘in’. We can’t find integrity looking at the outer world. I need to be integral within myself, whole and complete. And the only way to do it is to look within. So the first instruction, the first secret: take time out, be silent, look within and it is in silence that you find inspiration and your passion.
Moustafa:       Love that. Everybody, have some TOFU on a daily basis. Thank you very much for being with us today! It has been an awesome interview!
Vikas:              Thank you, Moustafa! Such a pleasure! Thank you very much, thank you for having me!
Moustafa:       I appreciate it.
Moustafa and Vikas: Passion!
Moustafa:       What do you think? I hope you found this as useful and as insightful as I did. If so, please leave your comments on the blog below and do share it with somebody who will find it useful. And if you’d like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website – then go to Until next episode – live passionately!

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