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Listening To Our True Passion Is The Key To A Fulfilled Life

April 22, 2018

Consciousness coach Yana Fry says understanding our true essence will help us understand who we are and what we really want.

Can passion help us feel complete? Actually, this tough-to-reach state can be achieved only through passion.Yana Fry is a coach and business mentor with a different approach. She believes that consciousness paves the way for us to truly find balance.Yana advises us to listen to our heart: 'if you focus on that, you are closer to the truth that brings your fulfillment.' In her experience, surrendering to life can open new horizons and take you to beautiful places. Paying attention to your higher self and having faith that things will fall into place will free you of worry. This also means putting away our mind's wishes and distinguishing what our heart and higher self need and want.Yana gives us the simple way to find true fulfillment. 'If I just go inside of myself and I ask 'What do I want?' – this is where the fulfillment comes from.'Are you longing for fulfillment?Learn more and get it. Remember to share it with your friends and spread the passion.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & Speaker


Moustafa: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end a week and start another. Our guest today helps people connect with themselves more consciously so they can live more passionately – Yana Lakshmi! Thank you very much for being with us today!Yana: Thank you so much for inviting me!Moustafa: I mean, connecting with ourselves, one of the most important topics when we are talking about living with passion. So tell me more about what you do.Yana: Well, you know, first of all what is really important to understand is that each one of us here is for the higher purpose. That's my true belief and that is the message that I try to bring out for people, no matter what they do. So you come here… you know today people are so consumed by just getting things and achieving results, going higher and bigger. I saw your presentation s o I know you've been there. We are so socially conditioned to constantly be more and better. But it's not always aligned with who we really are. And a big part of this is to understand what is your true essence and what you personally really want. And then helping to align your entire life and your business and the organization around it so that it doesn't feel like work. You know, it doesn't feel like you have to sacrifice anything.Moustafa: Ok. And how would you be able to find that inner connection?Yana: Well, you have to, you know, first of all ask yourself and a question 'What I'm doing right now, does it really make me happy?' if I'm being really, really honest with myself and I wouldn't listen to my spouse, my parents, my friends, my children, my business partners. What I'm doing in this moment right now does it really bring me true happiness if I don't count all of those people? And if it doesn't, there is something there that has to be changed.Moustafa: Ok. The challenge here is sometimes we get sad about short-term results.Yana: Yes.Moustafa: And we should see the bigger picture. So how do you differentiate the answer when it doesn't really make me happy now because things are tough and it's worth fighting for still versus this is really never going to make me happy?Yana: This is actually a very, very god question! You know, this is when it all comes to the bigger picture and to really seeing your life from the point of admission and the message and the legacy that you want to leave. So if you really look at, let's say, 5-10 years from now or, even better, before you die. So what it is that you'd like to leave in this world after you're gone? I mean, is it really the amount of money you made? This is beautiful, but how are you going to spend it? It's one thing when you become really wealthy and another thing when you also give back to the society. So if you have this long-term goal that you know when you're gone there will be something that will remain after you in this planet. And then you could be on the short-term a little bit unhappy when you go there because we all have to go through ups and downs, right? I'm not saying that it is completely good. Of course it is not. But then the sacrifice is worth it. And then is where it comes, you know, the interesting part. The Buddhism studies – I just got back from bhikkhu and we were talking about these monks. In Buddhism there is no pain or pleasure, it is the same, right? So because when you enjoy life and you go through life, it doesn't matter whether you're up and down, it's all equal. So you are happy no matter if you are feeling good or bad. You are still happy.Moustafa: I see. So you are using the term 'happiness' for what I call 'fulfillment'. Not the typical happiness that we are seeking, but fulfillment.Yana: Yes, that's right.Moustafa: That inner peace, that inner contentment, instead of that external value of happiness...Yana: Yes! Yes!Moustafa: And how easy it is to understand what is that that gives us that fulfillment or contentment?Yana: Uhm, another good question! It all comes from asking yourself, you know, to have questions. Because it is what you said that people define happiness or fulfillment but it's a different thing for different people. So you really have to ask yourself 'What it is for me?'. So for someone it could be a huge company with a lot of success and global domination and they can be truly happy with that because then they would step a foundation for a better society. Some other people want to completely get rid of everything and go on a journey sometime and this is how they define their fulfillment. Then they come back integrated. So there is no recipe but it all comes from the honest answers and truths with yourself. Once again 'What do I want' as the point is that if I don't listen to any other people, any social media, you know, television, anything. If I just go inside of myself and I ask 'What do I want?' – this is where the fulfillment comes from.Moustafa: Beautiful! So what do you want… There is another question that I've spent years studying is that sometimes we don't know what we want and maybe what we want in the moment is different than what we want in a bigger picture.Yana: Uhum.Moustafa: What would be your distinction? What I want now because I want food now because I'm hungry is different than I want to change the world because that's my bigger picture. But if I'm hungry it's tough for me to think about changing the world.Yana: Yes. I would say here is important to distinguish between your mind and your heart and your higher self. Because most of the time what we want comes from our mind like 'I want food, I want shelter, I want success, I want recognition, I want to be accepted.'Moustafa: Yes.Yana: All mind. So I would completely ask the mind to wait outside for this conversation.Moustafa: Yes.Yana: And then you would have to ask your heart or, even better, your higher self. There are a lot of conversations these days about living from the heart, leading from the heart, making decisions from the heart. So if you focus on that, you are closer to the truth that brings your fulfillment. Yet, for me, the ultimate answer for this is for you to really find a way to connect with your higher self. Because then you don't have those questions anymore. So when you connect to your higher self, you don't really ask yourself 'What do I want?' because there is no such thing as 'I', right? Because then you know. It's so interconnected. You just go day to day completely in trust that it's going to be the right moment, the right person, the right opportunity. And you will be able to see and recognize it. And when you're going to take it, it's going to be the next step. So it's like an ultimate surrender when you give yourself to life and it will only bring you to a beautiful place for you. From my personal experience.Moustafa: I love it! This has been an amazing place and I'm sure that this interview is going to take everybody to a very beautiful place. Yana, thank you very much for being with us today!Yana: Thank you so much!Moustafa: I really appreciate it!Yana: Thank you!Moustafa and Yana: Passion!Moustafa: What do you think? I really hope you found this episode as useful and as exciting as I did. If so, please leave your comments on the blog below and share it with your friends or those who might benefit from it. And if you'd like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website, go to Until next episode – live passionately!

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