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How To Tell Your Story Passionately Enough To Grow Your Business

Word stylist Elizabeth Campbell says structured stories will not only entertain and educate, but convert as well

Can the right words make a difference? Of course! They have an amazing power.
Elizabeth Campbell has 16 years of experience as a journalist. She teaches clients how to convert their passion into compelling words that grow their business.
‘It’s just an explosion of passion for me’. Elizabeth has been nicknamed ‘The Word Stylist’ as she loves the blend between writing and beauty.
She says it’s important to craft an experience for your audience. The best way to do so is through engaging and entertaining stories that are correctly structured. The right structure will keep people hooked from the headline until your call to action.
You should ‘inject your personality into it’. Elizabeth thinks that a good writing piece is interesting until the end regardless of its word count. It also mixes emotion and entertainment with education: ‘You got to pull out the heart strings. You got to educate them’.
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Moustafa:       Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end a week and start another. Our guest today has been nicknamed ‘The Word Stylist’. She helps people take their passion and convert it into words that wows and converts – Liz Campbell. Thank you very much!
Elizabeth:        Hi! How are you? Thank you!
Moustafa:       I’m really excited. The word ‘stylist’, tell me more.
Elizabeth:        The word ‘stylist’, well I love everything that happens at the intersection between writing and beauty and when those things come together, it’s just an explosion of passion for me.
Moustafa:       Alright. So how do you help people express their passion through the words?
Elizabeth:        I teach them the actual writing structure and then how to inject stories that will engage and excite people.
Moustafa:       So you help them take those words that they’ve got and just reshuffle them in a way.
Elizabeth:        Word style them!
Moustafa:       Word style them…
Elizabeth:        I call them…yes. So I decided to call myself The Word Stylist because I wanted to be different. I’m an online content writer. I don’t want to be known as that. I want to be known as The Word Stylist, who writes Wow words. So when I’m teaching people, I want them to come up with their own Wow words so that they’ll be known in their industries for something a little bit different. So everything I do is called ‘word styling’ or ‘restyling’. Anything to do with style. Do you know what happens when I use those words? I attract all those beautiful ‘stylists’ people who are my ideal clients.
Moustafa:       I see so by you walking the talk and practicing what you preach, you are actually attracting an audience that wants what you want.
Elizabeth:        Yes, yes! So when I’m teaching my guys, I teach them exactly the same thing. And they come up with these beautiful words and then they start to attract their ideal clients and then they start to build their profile and business. Of course, their life changes and that’s when we both just feel really amazing.
Moustafa:       Super! And how do you feel it’s important for somebody to be able to speak with structure versus speak from the heart? Because they keep saying ‘speak from heart’ and then some people tell you ‘but you know, some people speak from heart, but they sound all over the place’.
Elizabeth:        Yeah.
Moustafa:       And then some people follow structure and then they sound too mechanical.
Elizabeth:        Yeah, you need a nice blend of the two. I’d always start with ‘speak from the heart’, which is probably a story that you want to engage and entertain and educate through stories. And then I teach my guys how to actually structure that in a way that it will get read by people. So that you can take your audience to a journey from headline right down to the call to action.
Moustafa:       From the headline right down to the call to action?
Elizabeth:        Yeah.
Moustafa:       And do I have to be a good writer to be able to do that? Because some people are not good in writing, some people are good in speaking on stage better than actually typing or writing.
Elizabeth:        So my best tip that I tell people is to write the way you speak. Because online it’s conversational and social anyhow. So if you can write the way you speak then you’ll be more engaging, you’ll be more entertaining. People will fall in love with you and you will start to capture your ideal clients through your beautiful words and taking them on a journey all the way down to your call to action.
Moustafa:       Nice. So does that mean that you would actually have to study the science behind it? To be able to go do it?
Elizabeth:        No, no. I don’t know. I don’t think so. My background is in journalism. I’ve been in journalism for 16 years. I only work with journalists so in my team of writers, we only have journalists. I just hired an assistant, who is a journalism student because I believe we can tell the story in the most structured way that gets read, right? So that’s the way that I teach them. You don’t have to know the science behind it, you just have to know how to do it and how to take those stories and where to inject them. And that’s where I’m able to boil it down for people is the actual step-by-step structure and then how to actually inject your personality into it.
Moustafa:       And where do you see the challenging point for someone conveying their passion in certain words? Because, again, the challenge sometimes with passion is you try to say too much, too many things, too many words. What’s the secret to distilling all of that passion into something sharp and concise?
Elizabeth:        Exactly. Writing short, sharp and savvy words and no waffling. So you can write 3,000 words that are short and succinct, right? But still long. It will get read all the way to the end. If it’s waffling and it starts to go off tangency and doesn’t have any structure to it, then you will lose people in the first sentence.
Moustafa:       So it’s not so much about the size, but about the focus.
Elizabeth:        Yeah.
Moustafa:       So you think if it’s focused and long that’s better than short and fluffy?
Elizabeth:        Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s got to be direct and to the point. It’s got to solve problems. It’s got to have pain points in there. It’s got to have a bit of emotion in there. You got to pull out the heart strings. You got to educate them. You got to make them laugh somehow or make them cry. Whatever. And then bring it all back down to ‘Here it’s how I can help you’.
Moustafa:       I love it.
Elizabeth:        Me too! I love it.
Moustafa:       I see your passion as you express these words.
Elizabeth:        I love it, I love it! Yeah.
Moustafa:       This has been phenomenal. I can’t get enough of these words. I hope that inspires everybody to go find words that express their passion.
Elizabeth:        Me too. I hope it does. Thank you very much!
Moustafa:       This has been phenomenal. Awesome!
Elizabeth:        Thank you!
Moustafa and Elizabeth:        Passion!
Moustafa:       What do you think? I hope you find this useful to find words that wow and convert. If so, please write your comments on the blog below and share the episode with your friends. And if you’d like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website, go to And until then – live passionately!

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