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Taking Control Of Your Destiny Will Help You Avoid Emptiness

March 11, 2018

Chinese metaphysics specialist Sally Forrest says you can avoid feeling empty on the inside if you stay true to yourself.

Do you know your strengths and what you need to develop? If you still don't, it's time to learn more about yourself to passionately enjoy every day.Sally Forrest is a Chinese metaphysics specialist and an inspirational mentor. She says that there are five elements that every person can belong to based on birthdate: wood, metal, earth, fire and water.According to these, the individual has certain characteristics and will feel comfortable with a particular lifestyle. Sally believes that these elements can bring solid guidance on what a person should do.She mentions that people might go through different cycles when they have to focus more on another element. However, when things don't go well, it means the person isn't following his or her destiny.'Then there's the true you'. When you 'show one face to the world and a different one inside', you're not being true to yourself and you might feel a bit empty.Interested in personal improvement?Check this. Remember to share it with your friends and spread the passion.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & Speaker


Moustafa: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays – the best way to end a week and start another! Our guest today is a very interesting person, with a specialty on Chinese metaphysics – Sally Forest! Thank you very much for being with us today!Sally: You're welcome, Moustafa. Thank you for inviting me!Moustafa: I really like the topic – Chinese metaphysics. Tell me more.Sally: When you're born, you're coming into this world with energy. So what we do is we're looking at your date of birth and we can analyze your chart and we can look at your strengths and we can look at the areas where you need to develop. So everybody could be one of five elements: you could be metal, you could be water, you could be wood, you could be fire and you could be earth. So let's say for example that you're a fire person. Then you have a lot of passion, naturally have a lot of passion in your life. If you're an earth person, then you're very stable, you're very grounded. You don't need to move around so much. So for example if a child is born with a lot of passion, then that's the career, that's the lifestyle that they should take. If a child is born with a lot of earth and you try to put him on the stage of life, he might not feel so comfortable. So what I do, I look at peoples charts and I explain to them what is your strength, what is an area you can develop, but what is that one thing that would really help you go from here to here in your life.Moustafa: I love that. How different is that to horoscopes? Because I know there are people who have that worry about that, that it's too airy-fairy when we're talking about horoscopes. But his sounds more solid than just horoscopes.Sally: Yeah. It's very specific for you, so you give me your time of birth and your hour of birth. So it's absolutely targeted for you.Moustafa: Ok.Sally: So we'll look at what your experience has been as a child, how you should react in your work environment, what you're like as a person. But it also shows your dreams, your hopes, your ideas for the future. So when I start to talk to you, I say to you "Moustafa, maybe you were like this as a child' and you'll say 'How did you know that?' and I say 'it's in your chart'. And I say 'Moustafa, but maybe in your work career you should be like this' and you say 'How did you know that?' and I say 'it's in your chart'. And then I say 'Moustafa, but maybe in your work career you should be like this' and you say 'How do you know that?'. I say 'It's in your chart'. So I can really help you see what is targeted for Moustafa.Moustafa: Ok. Let's do this. You said there are five elements. Let's run through the recommended… I don't want to say career path but guidance on what they should do. So you said fire. I'm assuming that I look a little bit like fire.Sally: I think you must have some fire in your chart, yes. So fire is about passion, it's about leadership, right? It's about inspiring others. It's like the candle that goes and lights many others candles. So fire persons, you can put them on the stage of life for example. They'll be fantastic leaders. That's a fire person. Water, there is two types. There is yin water and there is yang water. Yin water is like the rain, so these people nurture other people. They are quite mysterious because one moment they are the cloud, the next moment they are the ocean. So these people can change, but you can never contain the water. These people always have to be moving around. They are always have to be traveling. So roll weather, communicating, traveling around is fantastic for them. Metal people… Metal is quite hard. Metal is discipline. So people like teaches, policemen, army. These people are metal people. They've got structure, they like structure in their life. They are very disciplined. They always follow a checklist. These people are fantastic for light management roles. Then we have wood people. Wood people always like to grow. They want to develop, to learn more. So these people should always be trying new skills, learning new things. And then finally the earth people – very stable, very trustworthy. They make great accountants, people like this. You can really trust the earth people. So the best people, I'd say, have got a little bit of every chart but we need to know how to unlock it. Then there are very special people. Like one of my friends, he is fire all the way through the chart. His chart is solid fire. So he has to inspire, he has to be passionate, he has to be on a stage. And if he does that, then he is following what I call his destiny. He is doing what he's meant to be doing in his life.Moustafa: I love that. So the question is: What if somebody is not living true to their element? What are the signs so they know? Because maybe I don't know, I haven't done my Chinese chart. From what you're describing, if I'm off my area of balance, I should know. What would be the signs that I'd look for if I'm out?Sally: When we look at the chart, there are what we call the 4 pillars. There is the pillar where you appear in the external life. So this is the one you show to the world. But it's not the true you, right? It's the mask that you wear and you show it to everybody. Then there's the you in the work pillar. So this is how you behave like at work. But then there's the true you. So what I tend to find with people. If they have a chart with different elements, they might show one face to the world and a different one inside. Deep down, they feel a little bit empty because they are not being true to themselves. If you have a chart where there is the same element, then usually what you show to the world, it's what you are inside. So there is no issue. What I help people do is… If you come to me and say 'There is something that's not quite right. I'm just not feeling really passionate. Or things aren't going my way. Or everything I've tried doesn't work out.', then you aren't following your element. So I would advise you that you have to follow your element.Moustafa: So basically the sign would be… it's not necessarily that I'd always have to be fire both, it's when I'm feeling out of balance it's the sign that I should be looking for.Sally: Yeah. If you're following your element naturally, then your life could be smoother. Which could be in different situations - different reactions. It doesn't have to be always fire, as long as in that moment I'm feeling imbalanced. Is your element for your day pillar. The day pillar let's say is fire, then you should become that element. In whatever situation you're in, you should become that element, right? Because you're following then your destiny. However, there are certain periods when you might be going through different cycles or different elements. In those cycles, you're still fire, but water might come in, or earth might come in.Moustafa: Sounds very interesting.Sally: So in those cycles, yes you are still fire, but you might need to focus more on travel or you might need to focus more on discipline. Or you might need to focus more on your grounding and stability.Moustafa: I love that. I definitely recommend everybody to go and research on this topic because it seems we need lots of episodes to cover it. But that's a beautiful introduction. Thank you very much for being with us today and I love everything that you have shared.Sally: Thank you, you're very welcome!Moustafa: I appreciate it. Thank you!Sally: Thank you!Moustafa and Sally: Passion!Moustafa: What do you think? I hope you found this interview as useful and as exciting as I did. If so, please leave your comments on the blog below and do share it with somebody who might find it useful. And if you'd like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website – then go to Until next episode – live passionately!

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