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The Story Of A Nobel Prize Laureate: Guided By Passion To Change Lives

April 22, 2017

Nobel Prize laureate Ouided Bouchamaoui says passion can help us keep the journey going even when times are tough.

Does passion help in crisis situations? As a matter of fact, it can help an entire country!Ouided Bouchamaoui is a Nobel Prize winner who used the passion for her country to find effective solutions for the people. She got others to share her passion and made Tunisia a better place.Helping Tunisia was a massive challenge, yet Ouided didn't hesitate to be there for her people. She was so passionate about her cause that she simplified the problem and succeeded against all odds. Her group changed millions of Tunisians' lives."That's it. It's so simple." Ouided says. She explains that there is no other solution than to sit and discuss in order to accept each other and live in harmony.Ouided believes in being strong together. "We need all of us" she says and thinks that it's possible to rebuild a country thanks to people's love.Would you like to make important changes? Just watch today's episode for inspiration and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.Live Passionately Moustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & SpeakerAKA The Passion Guy


Moustafa: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end a week and start another. Our guest today is a Nobel Prize laureate, Ouided Bouchamaoui. Thank you very much for being with us today! It's an honor to have you here!Ouided: Thank you. You are welcome!Moustafa: I really appreciate it!Ouided: Hi, how are you?Moustafa: So, I mean, getting to the place where you're at must have taken a looot of passion. Tell me more.Ouided: Sure! You know, my passion is my country. I love my country, so much! So for me, when I got this opportunity to help my country, to help Tunisia, I was there, I was present for them. And I think it's a big challenge for me and I succeed on this challenge.Moustafa: I love it! And that passion for your country - where did it come from?Ouided: It comes from my father. My father, he loved my country, his country also, which is my country. My father also was a great man, he was a self-made man, but he, he trusted on people, he trusted on his country, this is a…Moustafa: I love it.Ouided: Yes… something which is fantastic for me.Moustafa: Well, having to go through the experiences that you've went through and figuring out the peace dialogue I understand that it got you to win a Nobel Prize. It must have not been easy. So how did you find passion when times were tough? Because it's easy to be inspired and see what achievements are making in the world.Ouided: Yeah, sure, sure.Moustafa: But how do you find the passion to keep the journey going when times are tough?Ouided: You know in 2013 when we got the second political assassination in Tunisia, we were all shocked because we were not used and we are not used with conflicts, with arms and with assassination. So we got this idea to help our country, to help people. And without, I mean, any back idea we, we are, we, me and my colleagues from the civil society. No color, no political party, no leader. But for us we got just one thing is how can umm, we give this optimism to Tunisia, how we can help Tunisians to be themselves, to be, I mean to people they love life so for them we decided to seek together and to find, I think the simple, I mean the thing is how we can invite parties to sit together and to find solutions with us. And we did it, it took 6 months and it was a big and long exercise and sometimes a difficult exercise. But thanks to the people around us, thanks to our personality, thanks to all, so our way to convince and our way to push for change and our way to push for accept each other, our way to accept the difference. I think we got it and we did it.Moustafa: I love how you make it sound so easy! We had to sit, we had to find a civil way to bring everyone around the table and let's do it in 6 months.Ouided: Yes, that's so easy. That's it. It's so simple!Moustafa: What makes it so simple?Ouided: Because you know, if you are, I mean, there is no other solution. The only solution is just to sit together, to discuss together. Maybe you can change your mind, maybe I can change my mind. Maybe you can do some concession, maybe I can do some concession. That's it. This is the world is… The world can go on. I mean, we are living in open market, open world. And we need to accept each other. That's it!Moustafa: That's it. So you're saying…Ouided: That's it! It's so easy for me, yeah, yeah.Moustafa: So you're so passionate about it that you make it sound so…Ouided: Yeah.Moustafa: Natural.Ouided: Natural, natural.Moustafa: Sit and talk and accept each other.Ouided: You know, because if you have to, I mean, you have to think. If you have to make some, I mean, some hard time to find solution. Maybe you are not sure that you have a good result. Yeah, you have a good idea, you have to go on and you have to make this experience with others and of course, you need that others share with you this idea.Moustafa: I love it. So you get others to share your passion.Ouided: That's it!Moustafa: So are passionate about a cause and you lobby to get more people that are passionate about it.Ouided: Of course, yes!Moustafa: I love it!Ouided: You know, it's impossible for us to build and rebuild a country by one person. We need a number, we need many persons, we need all of us.Moustafa and Ouided: Passion!Moustafa: What do you think? I would really love to know your opinion. So leave your comments on the blog below and if you find this interview useful as much as I did and as inspiring as I did, do share it with your friends! And if you'd like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website, go to Until the next episode, live passionately!

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