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Fed up with hearing "NO"? Learn to turn it into a "YES"

January 28, 2017

How your passion fuels success in sales, from Asia’s leading coach Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott is Asia's top sales coach and a sought-after motivational speaker. In this interview, Tom says sales can be the hardest or the easiest job in the world. The difference is passion--loving what you do enough to keep saying yes.People in sales hear the word "no" more than anyone on the planet. And the ones who don't make it let the "no's" get them down.Tom says that winners don't let this stop them. Instead, they keep saying "yes." For example, "Yes, I'm going to make another call…and another, and another..." Every time you say yes, the probability of closing the next sale goes up.This is the key to bringing your passion into sales. Just as important is having the right strategy. Tom shares, "Passion and purpose have to come together to manifest success."So if you would like to learn the power of yes in sales, watch today's episode and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & SpeakerAKA The Passion Guy


Moustafa: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end the week and start another.Our guest today is Asia’s leading sales coach, Tom Abbott.Tom, thank you very much for being here!Tom: Good to see you man. Good to see you!Moustafa: Really appreciate it!Tom: Thank you!Moustafa:TomTom: Huh.Moustafa: What is passion to you?Tom: Huh! That could be a whole topic for a day but I tell you this right now. Passion is really what gets you up in the morning. Why do you do this? Sales is probably one of the most challenging occupations anybody can have. I heard a thing many years ago that sales could either be the hardest, lowest paying job in the world or the easiest, highest-paying job in the world. It’s your choice! And it comes down to passion.Moustafa: I love it! So that’s, that’s anybody who is struggling with their passion, with their sales career, passion is the silver bullet in a way…Tom: You need to have passion. So what does it mean? For me in sales passion means loving what you do, loving your product, your service and loving your customers. You really need those three things and it’s gonna help you get this passion, this love, stay motivated and keep working day by day even though things are really hard.Moustafa: Awesome! And it’s easier said than done. Tom: Hah! Moustafa: Because in sales you get nos more than anybody else on the planet. You gonna go through no after no after no after no before you hit the yes. Tom: Yes.Moustafa: I mean, some people get lucky, but the nos are a lot more in this industry than, than anything else.Tom: That’s right!Moustafa: How do you find passion when getting that many nos?Tom: You know, you’ve got to focus on the yes, right? Because you’re gonna have a lot of nos.Moustafa: Okay.Tom: So top performing sales people, what really separates them from the lower performers, and I see in sales, there’s two kinds of people, there’s winners and..Moustafa: Losers.Tom: Not quite.Moustafa: Uh?Tom: Whiners.Moustafa: Ah okay I like that!Tom: So there’s winners and whiners.Moustafa: Winners and whiners.Tom: So the whiners complain “Oh there’s so many nos! So many rejections! No one’s returning my calls! Nobody’s behind me, I want a discount!” Those are the whiners.Moustafa: Okay.Tom: Now the winners, realize all of that…Moustafa: Okay.Tom: But it that doesn’t stop them. It’s yes and yes and I’m gonna make another call. Yes and the probability of closing the next one now goes up. With every no, you’re one step closer to a yes.Moustafa: I love it! And how you distinguish the point where you have to actually disengage? Because it’s sometimes you have to be smart…Tom: Yes.Moustafa: At figuring out a good sale or not.Tom: Yes.Moustafa: And sometimes over passion can hurt you because you become blinded towards the truth of what’s not gonna work. Tom: (Laughs)Moustafa: So what’s the counter side of the passion?Tom: So let’s talk about this right? This is an awesome question. So, passion without purpose…Moustafa: Uhoh.Tom: Passion without a process is ineffective. So imagine I wake up in the morning and I’m so passionate and I say “Man I am going to see the sunrise!” And I’m passionate about that objective but I’m walking West.Moustafa: Uh.Tom: And I just keep going “Man I got passion I’m gonna do this!” Moustafa: Hmm.Tom: But I’m walking West. I will never see the sunrise. It’s gonna be behind me. Moustafa: Awesome!Tom: See you gonna have the right strategy. Right? See you gonna have to think smart.Moustafa: I love it! Passion and purpose have to come together…Tom: Uhh.Moustafa: To manifest passionate sales in a way.Tom: That’s right!Moustafa: Thank you very much Tom for this amazing insights and amazing interview.Tom: It’s been a passionate pleasure man.Moustafa: It’s been a passionate sales pleasure! Let’s passionately sell! Tom: Thank you!Moustafa: Thank you very much!Moustafa and Tom: Passion!Moustafa: What do you think? I would really love to hear your opinion. If you found this interview useful then do share it on social media and give us your opinion on the blog below. And if you’d like more tools, tips, and techniques and exclusive interviews that I only put on my website then go to And until next episode, live passionately!A big Thank You to Right Selections Speakers Bureau the exclusive partner for Tom Abbott in the region. If you want to book him, go to their website.

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