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Build Your Passion Tribe To Speed Up Your Success

November 4, 2017

Networking specialist Francesca Moi says happiness comes from doing what you love

Can you thrive as an entrepreneur? Sure, just remember that you must be determined at any given time.Two years ago Francesca Moi had a goal, but no clients or business partners. Now she is a fully booked networking expert with a six-figure business. This happened because she built a passion tribe using networking through Facebook and Meetup.'Our business is a 3D printout of our thoughts'. Francesca explains that entrepreneurship is all about hard work, consistency, and focus. She firmly believes that you have to keep your mind set on your goal whatever happens in the business.'I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this because I love it.' When Francesca reached a 6-figure outcome, she discovered that she's not in it for profits, but because it's really her passion. She realized the thing that was making her happy was seeing how people's life changes thanks to her work.Want to reach success?Learn from successful people. Remember to share it with your friends and spread the passion.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & Speaker


Moustafa: Hello everybody and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end a week and start another! Our guest today has been called 'The Meetup Queen'. She's going to help you build up your passion tribe of followers – Francesca Moi! How are you?Francesca: Good, thanks! How are you?Moustafa: Thank you very much for being with us today. Did I get your name right?Francesca: Yes, Moi.Moustafa: Moi.Francesca: That's fine.Moustafa: So tell me more about what you do. Why did you get called 'The Meetup' Queen?Francesca: Well, I find my story very fascinating because I believe that because of my story, everyone can do it. Everyone can get a 6-figure business in such a short time. So let me tell you. Not even two years ago I wanted to become 'Tony Robbins of Australia' and I was like 'How am I gonna do that?'…Moustafa: You're an Italian, right?Francesca: I am Italian, yes.Moustafa: So to become the Italian Tony Robbins of Australia. Let's see how that went.Francesca: I know. So I was living in Australia and I moved around. I changed cities a lot. I stopped in Brisbane and I didn't know anyone. But I thought 'You know what? I can do this! I can just go to that networking event. How difficult is it to find a client? It is super easy, right? Go to networking events and boom – you are fully booked'. And I started to go out to networking events and nobody wants to talk to me and nobody wanted to pay me. And I was like 'What's happening? It's not that easy'. I started to panic and then all of the sudden I was like 'Ok, I need to find a shortcut, I need to be in front of those people. I can't just be one in the crowd. So I thought I'll just start a Meetup group. So I went to and started a meetup group. A lot of people think that it's a lot about dating and stuff like that. No, no, no. I set a business meetup. And people started to come to the meetup and ask me a lot of questions about mindset in business and all that stuff. And I was like 'Oh, that's really cool. And then all of the sudden - boom. Three months later, I'm fully booked with one-on-one sessions.Moustafa: Wow.Francesca: Can you believe it? But still, it's not just like Tony Robbins. I was stuck. I was stuck in one-on-one sessions and I didn't know how to scale it and all of the sudden I saw that more and more coaches were coming to my meetups. And I said 'What do you want?', ' We want to know how you got fully booked in three months without knowing anyone in Australia'. I'm like 'Ah'. So I created this program. At the beginning it was called 'Meetup Mastery' and I teach business owners how to use Meetup and Facebook to boom their business.Moustafa: Interesting. So I love how by pursuing your passion, you failed miserably at the first step.Francesca: Yeah, totally.Moustafa: But you didn't stop. You converted into something that builds up to a multi-figure business.Francesca: Yes.Moustafa: 6- or 7-figure business within a few years?Francesca: Yeah!Moustafa: That's a phenomenal success about pursuing passion. Now I'm sure that wasn't as beautiful as it sounds now because somewhere along the journey the dips were hard so I'm sure you felt crushed when you failed at the first step.Francesca: Totally.Moustafa: How did your passion come back again?Francesca: Oh my God, such a good question because I feel in entrepreneurship our passion crushes every single day. You wake up and you're at a high and then five minutes after you read an email and 'What's happening?' so it's really important to keep your mind set on top of everything, isn't it? I have this little saying that our business is a 3D printout of our thoughts.Moustafa: Beautiful.Francesca: You like it?Moustafa: Yes.Francesca: So everything that we think it's going to be manifesting. Yes, it was really hard. So when I was going out and about at a networking event and nobody wanted to buy my sessions, I was like 'How am I gonna do this?'. I remember me calling my brother. I always look up to my brother and said 'How am I gonna do this? This is too hard. I'm just gonna go back to a job'. And I promise you, there are times, even now when I still think 'Why am I doing this? Should I go back to a job?', it's not that easy. And I don't ever want to make people think that it's easy. It's not easy. Everything we do it's hard work and it's consistency and it's focus.Moustafa: What keeps you at it then?Francesca: The thing that makes me… I've actually had a moment last month because I've had a national tour and the national tour itself was a 6-figure in outcome but I was like 'By now, I should be jumping and going to buy clothes and be super happy and I'm just feeling normal'. I was wondering why. And all of the sudden I'm getting this email from one of the clients that signed up two weeks before saying that I've already changed her life and she hadn't even done the course yet because of all the things happening already on her Facebook and this is the path… And that made me happy! And I thought 'This is it! I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this because I love it. I love seeing people just like me two years ago, they don't know if this is actually gonna work out and then all of the sudden they've got fully booked meetups and the diary starts to fill out. This makes me so happy!Moustafa: Amazing!Francesca: Yeah!Moustafa: I love it! So if you're going to give someone one tip about creating their own meetups, what would 'The Meetup Queen' say to someone to wants to spread their passion? Because we will never be able to spread the passion if we don't have the right tribe around us and that can be tough, especially if you have a niche passion.Francesca: Yes.Moustafa: How can you identify these people quickly and build that tribe around you?Francesca: Yes. So I call it 'The Laundry'. You take people from Facebook and you bring them into a live environment and then you put them back into Facebook. So what I believe is that a lot of times the people who come to the first, probably month two or three of your meetup are not the right people, are not the ones who will maybe pursuing your program or become your clients. But those people are the ones who are going to help you on Facebook to attract the right people. So we've got to be patient, we've got to understand that we're going to build that trust with the right people. So what I believe is that the name is super important so we should start to select the people from the actual very big network and then if we get the name right, then at least we've got some people that are right. And the most important is, not the actual meetup. At the meetup, you take a really good photo and then consistently you keep posting the photo that you are the speaker at these events. And over and over and over again. And you give really good content on Facebook on what your expertise are and the right people will watch you and watch you. Quality clients will just check you out on Facebook and when they're ready, that's when they'll come to your event, to your workshop.Moustafa: Beautiful. So just keep the passion going.Francesca: Yes.Moustafa: Keep producing passion out into the world and the world is gonna find you in a way.Francesca: Yes. Once you give, eventually they'll come back.Moustafa: Awesome! Keep giving your passion so you can give more passion back.Francesca: So good!Moustafa: I love it! Thank you very much!Francesca: Thank you!Moustafa: It was awesome!Francesca: Thank you so much!Moustafa and Francesca: Passion!Moustafa: What do you think? I really hope you've found this episode as amazing as I did about building your passion tribe. If so, share your comments on the blog below and share it with your friends. And if you'd like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website, go to Until next episode – live passionately!

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