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Work smart or work hard?

Work hard makes the journey fun, and I will explain to you how and why!
The three main benefits of working hard, and a bonus point of view.

Work hard, work smart? We all heard the expression “work smart not hard” what do you think, should you work hard or smart?
Personally I think the question is wrong to begin with, this is not an either-or situation, in this episode I will share with you details about the top 3 benefits of working hard which are:

  • It makes your “opportunity ready”.
  • It helps you overcome difficulties.
  • Makes your journey more enjoyable, yes hard work makes it fun and I will explain why.

I’m not going to reveal much more for now because I’m sure you will find this episode amazingly useful so go ahead watch it and then do share it and spread the love.
Live Passionately
Moustafa Hamwi
The Passion Guy


Work Hard transcript

Moustafa Hamwi: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays. The best way to end a week and to start another.
We have all heard the term “work smarter not harder” what do you think? I personally think it’s a ridiculous discussion, you know why because it’s not an “either or” discussion. Who says you can do purely with working smart or purely with working hard. This discussion about work smarter not harder started coming into life a lot more with the evolution of technology that took labour intensive activities and automated them, which is very smart. But think about it, every time a machine took over the role of a person that person still have to work hard at something else until another machine or computer or software can take that over. Because the reality is in life you need to be productive and every time you can automate something you need to get busy doing something else. So that really makes you be in a place about working smart and working hard. And if smart is not in place, hard is only thing to do. You think I am exaggerating. Nothing great has ever been achieved without working hard. Think about every single successful entrepreneur, every single corporate leader, every sports champion, every artist and as a matter of fact, every single student in a university or school could have not got to where they are without hard work. And I am going to tell you actually three key benefits for working hard.
The first benefit is that hard work overcomes hard luck. In life and in business particularly you are bound to face ups and downs, ebb and flow and that’s normal. You are going to face failure after a failure after a failure and a challenge after a challenge after a challenge and the only thing that will ever help you to get over it is to have enough stamina and to have a lot of hard work in place and that is what’s going to make you win the race.
The second important reason why you should be working hard because it makes you opportunity ready. What do I mean by that? You see there are lots of opportunities in life and I know you’re waiting anxiously to grab your turn but guess what…….you are not the only one waiting for this opportunity. There are lots of other people that are waiting to take that opportunity also. So the reality is the person who will take that opportunity is the person who is more fit and the person that is more fit is somebody who has been working hard day in day out until they are ready for the opportunity. They don’t just wake up and say “I am going to run a marathon.” They train every single day for that marathon and when the time for their race comes they become really ready and that’s exactly how hard work serves you.
The third most important reason – “why hard work is good for you” because the joy is in the journey and you cannot enjoy something you are not used to. Think of somebody who is out of shape trying to go jogging every single day. At the beginning, they are running and they are dying…That’s not fun at all but by working hard at it, they get fit and when they get fit, the way they jog becomes a lot more enjoyable and then they start enjoying waking up, enjoying going for that jog and enjoying all the benefits of that jog and that is a very crucial reason in my opinion because when you are enjoying, you have competitive advantage over those that are working purely hard. So the reality is, by working hard, you actually become smoother and smarter.
You know what, I am going to give you one more realization on top of those three things. Think of it, if you want to be top 1% or top 10% of your industry, you have to be willing to do the rest of the 90 to 99% of the things that the other people are not willing to do. Because the reality is you do not know where the success is going to be. Is it going to be at the beginning of your journey or at the end of your journey so if it’s only going to be at the end of your journey and you are not willing to work hard till you reached that you are probably going to end up quitting on your dream and quitting on your passion and one day you look back and you see somebody else achieving it and you are going to give yourself a kick in the ****  regretting that you quit just because you did not work hard enough. So don’t get me wrong again I repeat I am not saying either or. You have to work smart and find efficient ways to get more productive and to get a lot more out of your time and equally you have to keep working hard at it till you become smart at it. So as I wrap up, I leave you with one take away and that is work so hard that one day your signature becomes an autograph.
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