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World’s Top Wealth Mentor Satori Mateu discovered the secrets of self-worth while planning suicide!
When your self-worth goes up your net-worth goes up
Satori is one of the world’s top wealth mentors well known for helping coaches & experts find their self worth so they can charge what they deserve. He is the creator of Brain Code Activation and is one of the well sought after wealth & relationship coaches.

Satori shred the inside story of what got him to do what he is doing, and it is nowhere near what you would imagine. He say: “At the lowest of the low times when I had not self worth I was planning suicide, and then I realized that in such a low there is also a high and this set me on a journey of teaching people how to find their self worth

Satori says, “Following your passion you allow people to get a real perspective on who you are through sharing your gifts”

Most people undervalue themselves, when you do that you wont share your gifts and you won’t charge what you are worth and then you don’t have the business you want.

And the opposite also works, so go ahead and click here if you want to learn how to find your self-wroth and charge what you deserve; and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.

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Moustafa Hamwi
Passionpreneur & Chief Energy Officer
Award Winning Author & Speaker
AKA The Passion Guy


Moustafa:        Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end the week and start another.
Our guest today is a coach that coaches, coaches and experts on finding their self-worth in a way that allows them to charge enough money for it. Wouldn’t you like to learn that?
Satori thank you very much for being with us here today.
Satori:              Thank you, thank you. Pleasure.
Moustafa:        First question I wanna ask you is what is passion mean to you?
Satori:              Good question (laughs) So to me it’s the ability to be able to take everything that you have, that your, that your inner resource, your gifts and will be able to express them to the world in a way that serves you and other people. And I think that the coolest thing with passion is that when you take the things that you love, the things that ignites you, that you hungry for, that brings the desire to your life, is that, you love other people to really got a real perspective on who you are and sharing your gifts and it, well, well things may be coming to that conversation, I know some people don’t own that part.
Moustafa:        Okay. And how do you end up doing what you’re doing then? Is that, is that why because you know people did not own it, or did you have a challenge that you went through that begin you to that?
Satori:              Great question! Actually when I was 21 years old I, I was living in Stockholm, Sweden. And I was sitting I was a, I have gone through a very high point in my life but very low point at the same time. And I remember one night specifically that led up to it and I was sitting there really planning to get suicide. So that was in comparison to what I do today, that was the lowest of the low. I can’t see that I had any worth.
Moustafa:        So were you’re thinking? Or planning?
Satori:              No I was planning.
Moustafa:        You’re actually planning.
Satori:              Yeah, yeah.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              So it was like, you know, it was the low part, I fixed myself of having no worth and then I realize that, you know, learning the things that I’ve learned, first I was scared to do it and too chicken, is that of all the low points, it is also the high point, the law of polarity, you always have two sides. So, today I teach the other end of the spectrum.
Moustafa:        Wow.
Satori:              And the way I look at it is that, you know, you have, I look at worth, you have a, you know, a base. And then more people, they minimize, the moment you look at other people’s, you look at them, they’re all inspiring, they have this, the moment you do that, you put them on a pedestal, you’re minimizing, you undervalue yourself.
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              The moment you’re undervaluing yourself, your self-worth goes down…
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              And as you do that you won’t share your gifts, you won’t own your value, you don’t charge what you’re worth and you won’t have, you know, the kind of business you want. So when I help you to own your value, own your worth then everything happens. Your self-worth goes up and other people’s worth goes up and your net worth goes up.
Moustafa:        Hmm I love that.
Satori:              It changes everything.
Moustafa:        And how does passion brings self-worth or how does self-worth allow people to live passion? Which comes first?
Satori:              Good question! So, I look at we, we have low self-worth is that, you’re not inspired from within into actually apply, well, the things you have passion about. The more your self-worth goes up and, you know, through, through the ability, I look at it as, you know, just, you know, do this the visual here by my hands but you know, when we have two emotional charges, the positive, negative, they’re both running you, they’re owning you and the moment you bring it to the center which I called unconditional love, you’re raising your self-worth and then you will be able to express your passion. And when you do that, you’re, you’re ability to contribute to other people and to the world and to yourself just expands massively because you are able to express your self-worth through your passion.
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              Does that makes sense?
Moustafa:        Yeah it makes a lot of sense. And then, how do you find passion when times are tough? It’s very easy for everybody to say, well, this is nice, this is here, well, that so much of the negative charge coming off from the outside, the world is pushing you down and you know getting into the point, you know…
Satori:              Yes.
Moustafa:        When you’re planning to get suicide and you turn around and find passion in that moment what’s the secret?
Satori:              Yeah, great question! I look at, you know, we all have something that, we want more than anything else. It may be modeled, we may not see, we may not, we may not be trained what it is, but I think that, well, most people will make mistake of, is that, they are so conditioned to think that they should do this, I ought to do this, I need to do this, and really taking on other people’s values, not their own. So I look at it, you know, think of something that you do naturally, you know, having this conversation, talking about passion…
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              It’s that nobody has to motivate you or push you or remind you of it, it just falls naturally.
Moustafa:        Hmmm.
Satori:              So I look at that as being, as being inspired from within, wouldn’t have a push from the outside and that inspiration that comes from within, becomes your passion as it’s expressed.
Moustafa:        But what does challenge you to find that when you’re buried under so much…
Satori:              Right.
Moustafa:        How can you actually dig deep to find it in a moment when you don’t have clarity…
Satori:              Yeah.
Moustafa:        Cause when you’re in a clarity, you can, you know where it is, but you’re in a point when you’re so low…
Satori:              Right.
Moustafa:        It’s not that easy.
Satori:              Well, so, good question! So that’s why even when we’re this strong, we know, we put people on pencil, you know, we have an occasional place, we have balance, you see both perspective, you just see both side, the positive and negative equally…
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              And so they have balance. For most people do, they downplay, they always see the drawbacks then they always see the drawbacks. They always see the negative, they don’t see any, any upside or any benefits.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              So I literally do as an, as a specific assignment for people when they are the lowest is that, it’s not a question of whether they are all benefits cause they’d only seen the drawbacks.
Moustafa:        So what you mean basically is turn our gaze into what’s working versus what’s not working?
Satori:              So the question would be is, what are the benefits of this situation? And people would, the moment mostly say, there is no benefits.
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              The question is, are there benefits?
Moustafa:        Hmm.
Satori:              The question is, what are they?
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              And you begin asking, what are the benefits? And I would like you to do is, is look for a minimum, a minimum of 25 or 30 or even 200 benefits.
Moustafa:        Ummm.
Satori:              And when you started doing that, you’re literally, you’re equilibrating your nervous system. You’ll literally feel the balance shifting your nervous system.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              Yeah. It’s a very powerful sound to me.
Moustafa:        I love it. And that comes from being passionate or even you’re not passionate the process works?
Satori:              Yes!
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              Yes. And the truth is that, is that’s when you allow your passion to come through.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              So when you are, see more drawbacks and benefits you can’t allow you’re passion to come through.
Moustafa:        You’re burying your passion with your own hands.
Satori:              Exactly.
Moustafa:        Okay. So the pressure is not on passion sometimes you just follow the process to help the passion also.
Satori:              Yes, cause when you neutralize it, once you dissolve the emotional charge that pulls, pulls you down, you come into a place that now I can see again.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              And I believe that every human being on this planet has passion, naturally.
Moustafa:        Okay.
Satori:              And so when you come to this point then passion comes, and floats.
Moustafa:        Yes. I love it. Let the passion float.
Satori:              Yes.
Moustafa:        What also a way to end this episode, thank you for being with us here today.
Satori:              Yes. Pleasure!
Moustafa:        Thanks!
Moustafa and Satori:  Passion!
Moustafa:        I hope you found this episode as useful as I did, if so leave your comments below and share it on social media platforms. And if you’d like more tools, tips, techniques, and exclusive interviews that I only put on my website go to Until next episode, live passionately!

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