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Passion to perform better at the age of 130 years

Nick Delgado helps Tony Robbins perform better, now he shares his secrets with you.

He is over 60 years yet his biological age tests results show 25 years only!
Nick Delgado is the World’s Leading Biochemistry and Endocrinology Researcher Worked with Tony Robbins to deliver health and wellness seminars. He conducted over 3,500 seminars, workshops, and conventions and is a Major contributing author to Anti-Aging Clinical Protocols
When I asked him if passion brings energy or energy brings passion he said, “You have to have a purpose and love for what you do, and you need the energy to keep your passion going“.
He over 60 yet is so passionate and determined to out perform anyone on the planet so much that he wants to have sex at the age of 130 years!
So go ahead and click here  if you want to find out the secrets to staying young, passionate and full of energy. And don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.

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Moustafa Hamwi
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Moustafa:        Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end the week and start another.
Our guest today is one of the world’s leading lifestyle medicine doctors. He works with people like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and many more A-listers, sports people and celebrities. And one thing I gotta tell you about him, he is over 60, broken multiple world records, competing with people half his age. Dr. Nick…
Nick:                Hey it’s very good to be here.
Moustafa:        It’s very exciting to have you here.
Nick:                Yes.
Moustafa:        I don’t, I don’t know where to start I mean there’s so much happening around here so I’m gonna start with how did you end up doing what you’re doing, how did you find the passion for what you’re doing?
Nick:                Well ah I think originally I was in pursuit of excellence in sports and athletics but I made a few wrong turns and because of that I gained too much weight, I developed high blood pressure, I had a TIA, a Trans-Ischemic Attack. And I started research and study and I met the famous Nathan Pritikin at that time of the Pritikin Longevity Centre. So I, I went to a transformation after reading his books and working with him. I dropped about 50 pounds of body fat and got in the best shape of my life and my blood pressure came down to normal and I was off medications then I realize “Wow I was on to something huge!” and I, I think that was the beginning.
Moustafa:        Okay so it wasn’t that you’re always as fit you just, the passion for fitness kind of developed more and more?
Nick:                Yeah. I, I was in the health profession. I’ve taken psychology and physical therapy and I was working with people but then I became my own patient you know, it became a little scary when my health declined and I, I think after people have some setbacks in their life you know, the greatest things come out of setbacks. It’s what you do when you’re kind of down and under.
Moustafa:        I love it and when you’re working with people like Tony Robbins or his team, I mean, he’s known to be one of the highest performers around the world. How is it that you were able to help him and how is that?
Nick:                Well I do unique test. Ummm it’s a blood morphology under face contrast microscope so you can see a person’s drop of blood magnified 6000 times in color. And so, Tony Robbins had heard that I do this work and asked me to come to his castle in La Jolla. And so I brought all my equipment and he said “Oh you got fifteen minutes.” His staff told me to sit down with Tony and I did and 15 minutes later he leaves and before he goes “How did you know all that?” And I said “Well this test is pretty revealing, blood doesn’t lie, you can see things and he said “Whoa! Can you test a lot of people?” and I said “Yeah!” and he brought his whole staff and I tested them all. The he said “Can you really test a lot of people?” and I said “Sure!” and he said “I have this program called Life Mastery coming up and it’s a mastery university, ah it’s 10-day program, we have a thousand people there and I like you to test them. And I’m thinkin’ humanly impossible! No one can test a thousand people in 3 days, I said “Sure I’ll do it!” and then (Laughs) from there I hired 20 technicians, we showed up, we tested them one in groups, I lectured to them and for 3 years we have set up this whole incredible program where many people, the first time they met me before they met Tony Robbins. They heard me speak about health, and longevity, and anti-aging at the cellular level and from there you learn a tremendous amount. You can really pinpoint how to kind of guide a person in the right direction.
Moustafa:        So how did all of this passion impact your performance, not just into becoming healthy but tell me about the world record breaking and all the crazy activities that you do.
Nick:                Well I was at the umm Arnold Classic and I’ve met Dragon Radovich at another event in Anaheim and he was competing with people with dumb bells and he was just curling and pressing nonstop with 35 pound dumb bells. And he lined up 10 guys very strong muscular guys, he beat all ten of them and I was watching, and they’re offering 10,000 dollar-price to beat him. So I stepped up and I thought he must be tired by now. He’d done a thousand lifts and you know, I picked up the weights and I, I know how to do a lot of presses. I love presses, so I started curling and pressing and at about 182 lifts in I’m starting to really feel it and I’m watching him perspiring and I think “I got him, I got him!” then the announcer goes then “And Dragon Radovich holds the world record of thousand and 475 lifts and I’m thinkin’ quick math, he’s got another 278 fly lifts minimum and he’s just warming up and I’m like, my whole body is shakin, and rattlin and I’m like “Oh my God my shoulders are hurting with all the injury and I was, I just dropped the weights and you know, sore for 2 weeks and I thought “My God that man, he’s, he’s incredible!” so I kept competing again some time after time until one day I had a showdown with him. It was pretty exciting but Bill Kazmaier, the world’s strongest man was there announcing that all classic and these were all on stage, infront of thousands of people and you know, you got pretty excited. But every year I kept competing until one day I broke his world record. I did 10,000 pounds more than he ever lifted overhead in his own competition.
Moustafa:        I love it. You tackled two important points here. How to do you find passion when times are low and when times get tough. Cause you go thinking, I can kick ass then you find yourself that you lost. Most people would have quitted at that point…
Nick:                Right.
Moustafa:        Where did you find that passion and more importantly to keep that going on and on and on, so what I’m talking about is, how you find it when you’re low and how do you keep it going?
Nick:                Well I’m a big student of Zig Ziglar or Brian Tracy you know, Tony Robbins and all down the list and I think you, you really gained that collective knowledge and then you apply it. But I condition my mind and I notice you have a background on NLP and time-mind therapy. I use deep trance phenomena and what I call laser-focus concentration, so what I do is I put my state in deep trance phenomena and I, I visualize, I floated above the position, I watch where I’m going. I removed me from pain so I’m lifting and breaking through pain barriers, and just lifting, imagining the weight as light as a feather instead of being heavy and harder to lift.
Moustafa:        Whoa.
Nick:                And so I can just really, literally condition myself to be out before anyone in the planet and I picked up where Dragon left off and I’m competing, The guys are talking about betting a lot of money, their championship, they can beat me and they’re half my age, I beat them I know I will because I train. I train every day at the beach after I dropped off my son and at the school and ah  it’s just, it’s just something that invigorates me that generates more energy so every day I feel better and strong and faster. And so my biological age has been tested at about the age 25 and they said in 45,000 people they tested I was like in the top 2, not 2%, top 2 people ever tested and they said “We’d never seen anything like this. How come your arteries are so clear and clean, and your health, and your heart, your energy is just in the roof.” So I do certain things, I do 6 steps every day to make that happen.
Moustafa:        Would you share that 6 steps?
Nick:                A few of them…
Moustafa:        Please…
Nick:                One of them is that we really should be outdoors in the sun. The sun you know we need that rays to generate certain hormones. We need to be out near the ocean, if you can get near the ocean or a body of water or ground. Or stand, stand in the ocean literally, a couple of feet in the ocean while lift my weights, and it cools my body down, you won’t overheat while you’re lifting. You gotta keep your body cool and so I hydrate with a lot of hydrogen water. I used certain things and supplements that get me amazing performance without stimulants. I really don’t have to use any kind of stimulates. It’s kind of strange, cause surely you used a lot of caffeine it helped you a lot, no. Actually it helps you too, because I gotta sleep you know, at sundown or wake up very early and I just have that incredible energy. So those are the few of the things, but I think it’s important to understand your hormone levels so I have the doctors I work with, we test people’s hormones to find out what’s deficient, what is out of balance. There’s a lot of hormone disruptors in your environment and toxins. So you work through this 6 steps plan and my goals is to reach immortality. I wanna be the longest lived person in the history who ever lived. And have sex in my 130th birthday and just celebrate and reach beyond in anyone’s lifetime record in history.
Moustafa:        I have to say you’re probably the only person ever in my life that beat the Passion Guy at the level of energy and you’re my dad’s age okay, so I gotta salute you for that.
Nick:                Hey there’s a gym right next door so after where done filming I’ll take you to task and show you what I do.
Moustafa:        So, so the last question would be, is passion and energy are, are inter-related?
Nick:                Yes.
Moustafa:        Which brings which? Does passion bring energy or does energy bring passion?
Nick:                Well I think we have to have a purpose and a love of what you do. That brings about that, that passion. But then you have to have that core energy behind it and if, I have a lot of people they tell me behind closed doors and they’re pretty famous people but they have to put on a mask. They have to really get through it. I don’t have to get through it I show people how to really just create that energy and then generate it, and ties it into their passion so they perform better than they’d ever in their life.
Moustafa:        It shows you don’t need to even say it, your energy is blaring out so that’s amazing actually have this is the few times when you really have to stop going on, cause I think we go on for a couple of hours and I wanna learn a lot about this, so I hope everybody goes to your side and follow what you are doing.
Nick:                Sure.
Moustafa:        Cause I definitely wanna be maybe more than you, in a way you kick somebody’s ass I wanna kick ass in your age so…(
Nick:                (Laughs)
Moustafa:        Let’s hope that happens by then so…
Nick:                Sure.
Moustafa:        Good luck for your sex at a 130 years old.
Nick:                Ah, ah that’s a given.
Moustafa:        That’s a kind of passion I love. Thank you very much for being here.
Nick:                Take care, take care.
Moustafa and Nick      Passion!
Moustafa:        I hope you really enjoyed this crazy episode as much as I did. I would love to hear your opinions so leave your comments on the blog below and do share it with your friends. Go on to our social media and share it to other platforms. And if you’d like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that you’ll only find on my website go to And until next episode, live passionately!

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