Passion Sundays

Die with laughter

Last words said by leading art therapist Meera Hashimoto on Passion Sundays before she passed away

Passion means life, and life means passion! So said Meera Hashimoto, one of the world’s leading art therapists and teachers. And Meera really embodied this.      
What is being alive” she asked?
“This life is a gift and passion is the quality of YES and when you live your life so totally, intensely and with passion you can die so peacefully”
Then she did, she passed away only few days later after doing this interview.
I offer this interview as a tribute to her life–a beautiful example of how to live fully and with passion, and to die with laughter!
Meera said we are born creative. In fact, being yourself is more important than inherent talent. She said that out of being oneself, your own “flower” of creativity is born.
Meera’s passion was bringing this dignity back to everyone. her new direction was to teach families what is being alive, saying YES to life. And I think she lived this way right to the end.
Thank you, Meera!
If you’d like to hear the last truly passionate words Meera had to say before she passed away, watch this episode and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion, no one knows how long we will be here.
Live Passionately
Moustafa Hamwi
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00:22 I saw you on Youtube – I really like what you’re doing.
00:36 Well, ‘passion’ means life! Life means passion. So for me to really introduce passion to people – it’s a priority because with passion you can die so peacefully because once you live your life so totally, intensely, then you will die with laughter.
1:03 Well the passion I got it, of course, from my master. I thought to be an artist is enough of a task in one’s life but when I met him I understood that art doesn’t belong to talent. Everybody thinks, ‘Oh I have no talent; I can’t paint.’ But it’s really not true; everybody is born to be alive and to be creative so I want to really bring back this dignity to all human beings.
Osho taught me that you don’t need any talent; you just be yourself and your flower will come out of this being yourself.
So for me passion is being ordinary and to relax into one’s self. This everyone can do.
2:00 And, strangely enough, once you really relax into yourself, passion is bound to happen because you are saying yes to life, you are saying yes to yourself and you are saying yes to expression.
2:22 Well, I don’t agree about passion, so-called passion – because look at all the artists. They died burnt out. I saw at least 10 movies about artists: and they are all ending their lives so badly. So I don’t call this passion. Passion is more like  a yes, the quality of yes.
2: 48 So passion – you need lots of relaxation, meditation, and understanding that this life is a gift.
3:05 Well, you are living that!
3:09 Yes, I wanted to show you this – so this is, for example, one of one my passions: children and parents they come together to learn what is creativity. I really like to teach in this way – I include everybody – children, all the people…. For example, dying people – it is really good that you be creative, because once you know how to create you step into death with a wondering heart: ‘Wow! What it can be – death?’
And the children, by painting with their parents they feel, ‘Okay, my parents want to learn from me.’ They are not always being taught ‘You should do this; you shouldn’t do this.’
So they really find the inner space, innocence, together with the child, parents together. So that’s my new direction that I want to teach – the whole family – what is being alive.

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