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Brian Tracy Reveals Secrets for Personal Business Success

He also reveals ways to get psychic energy out of the air along other tactics to stay passionate all the time.


Brian Tracy says: “if you make an enormous amount of money but you are unhappy then you are a failure in life.”

Over 50 books and 500 learning programs, world’s bestselling author teaches practical ways to live passionately.
Brian Tracy is considered to be a living legend and the world’s bestselling authors bar-none, especially in the area of  personal business success. He is a throat cancer survivor. This is usually devastating for someone who speaks for a living. Brian is in his 70s and still rocking it, so if someone can teach you how to stay passionate then it’s surely him!
When we asked him about passion he said: “you will never feel passionate about a job unless you are good at it,” so if you do not enjoy your work then do something else.
That doesn’t mean you can do it tomorrow.
You will have to work very hard at the things you enjoy doing. Your passion has to become your area of expertise for which you will be well paid; only then your passion can truly be your profession.
He also reveals ways to get psychic energy out of the air along other tactics to stay passionate all the time.
This is one of the richest interviews I have done so far, so go ahead click here to enjoy this episode and then share it around and spread the passion.
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What would you do if you had the a chance to speak to the world’s bestselling author on personal business success? This is exactly what we’re gonna do today for you. We’re here with Brian Tracy, the amazing Brian Tracy and we’re gonna ask him some key questions about living a passionate life.
Moustafa – Mr. Brian, it’s an honor to have you here.
Brian – How are you?
Moustafa – Great. Thank you very much. First thing is am really inspired by the level of energy and passion you’ve got. It, it makes me so inspired to stay on track with what am doing. So it’s beautiful to see this passion. What’s the secret?
Brian – Yes. Well, if you’re doing what you love to do, it gives you a continuous source of energy. When I began studying this many years ago, I found that there’s a form of energy called psychic energy which is different from physical energy. And actually you get it out of the air and it comes from either being with people who are very stimulating and interesting, reading something’s that’s of great interest or doing something that you love to do. You get a continuous flow of energy that sort of fuels your body and your mind.
Moustafa – Amazing. So how important is it for a, an individual to find and pursue their passion to be successful in life?
Brian – Well, the most important thing you can do in life is to be happy. And everyone measures their life based on how happy they are at any given time. So if you make an enormous amount of money but you’re unhappy, then you’re a failure in at life. So, therefore, what makes you happy? The answer is doing something that you enjoy and doing it well. And so you always have to ask, what is it that I most enjoy, and then you have to commit your whole heart to doing that very, very well. And it may take months or years to be very good at something that you enjoy doing. But all the time you’re working toward becoming excellent, you feel happy and you have an unlimited source of energy.
Moustafa – Which sounds like the solution to staying motivated is to do that which you’re passionate about.
Brian-. Yes of course.
Moustafa- So here’s the question that from, I get from viewers that say we’re challenged because we’re in a job we don’t really like, we’re not really passionate about it, but you have commitments and you’ve crossed a certain age or a career level where it’s not feasible for you to really flip your life upside down. What would be your solution to find passion and energy in that situation?
Brian – Well, I remember a story of a man who was thirty years old and every morning when he got up, he threw up. He was violently ill, sick because he hated to go to work and, but he said, I have to have a job to pay for my family. So he would go to work and a psychologist interviewed him and said well, if you feel sick about your work, you hate your job, you don’t like the people you work with, you don’t like the company, why don’t you quit and do something else? He said are you kidding? I’ve only got thirty years more before retirement. It’s a true story. I’ve only got thirty years more before retirement. And people start to think like this in their 20’s. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t enjoy your work and you don’t look forward to it, do something else. Now that doesn’t mean that you can do it tomorrow, but you start looking around. And so what I teach my students, I say imagine that you have no limits on what you could do, you have all the time and money, you just inherited an enormous amount of money, so you’re rich and you have all the skills and education and abilities, you have all the contacts and the relationships. If you had no limits but you had to choose some kind of work to do, what work would you choose to do?  And, that is, well at least initially that is you’re your first focus, you’re your first love. But then you have to work very hard to become good at what it is that you enjoy doing.
Moustafa – So, it’s not a simple ‘oh I found my passion and lemme just think this is gonna work out?
Brian – No. Many cases you will take a job and you’ll work at it for a long time before you find that there are certain parts of the job you enjoy more than anything else and that is a guide to where you should be focusing more and more in this area. Then you have to work very, very hard to become good because you will never feel passionate about a job unless you are good at it. Many people say, well I want to find my passion. What you have to do is you have to find your area of expertise. You have to find the area where you’re really excellent at what you do, in the top ten percent of people in your field and then you start to love your work. Why? It’s because human beings are designed to get results. We have are purpose driven and focused on results. We only feel happy when we are effective and getting results. And so the better you get at doing something that you enjoy, the more results you get. And the more results you get, the more energy you get have and the happier you are.
Moustafa- Amazing, you’ve just segwayed into a beautiful topic. How important is it for a company to invest in helping the employees find their passions, whether it’s at work or outside work? Will that benefit the company?
Brian – Well, this is something that is the responsibility of each individual. It’s not the job of the company because “the” company doesn’t exist. There’re only individual people in the company. And it’s not the responsibility of someone else, a manager or a supervisor to help you to develop your passion any more than it’s their responsibility to help you chew your food or to help you to, to sit at night and read something worthwhile. This is hundred percent the responsibility of the individual. The goal is to find a company wherein pursuing what you like love to do, you can help the company to get more and better results. But it’s always the responsibility of the individual.
Moustafa – So if and when a company would invest in doing a workshop or a training that would help people, that would be such an amazing company if they would do that, you know.
Brian – The key is to help people to focus on being be very productive, finding what they do, and they do well, dedicating themselves to becoming better and better at their most important tasks, focusing and concentrating on a more valuable use of their time. Helping people to do that not only helps the individual, because people are really happy when they are productive, but it helps the company as well.
Moustafa –  You mentioned earlier in the seminar, in the talk that when you know your values and when you know what you’re good at, your decision-making ability becomes a lot better.
Brian – Yes.
Moustafa – Obviously, when you know your passions, your decision-making ability becomes a lot stronger.
Brian – Yes, but when you’re clear about what’s important to you, it’s easy to make decisions. Ahh, I was a bachelor until I was 35 and then I got married for the first time. And, before, when I was a bachelor, my primary commitment was to my own success, other things. When I got married, I told my wife that she would be number one and family would be first, and all decisions that I made from that point onward, the family would be first. And so I    changed my focus, and from that day to this, everyone in my family will tell you that I’ve always put my family first, always the most important. So deciding what is most important to you, helps you to organize your whole life.
Moustafa – Amazing. And how does that then conflict with if people thinking “ I’m pursuing my passion but I’ve got a family and they suddenly talk about it as a burden”  rather than as a passion actually?
Brian –  Well, many people say that they’re pursuing their passion but they’re not making the efforts to become very good at their work. Because, if you’re very good at your work, you’re you’ll be paid well. If you’re paid well, you’ll be able to provide for your family and for everything else.
Moustafa – So, Amazing, so it is in a way you are serving your passion because if you’ve identified your family to be that passion number one.
Brian – Then you, we talked in the seminar about getting results. If one of your results is to provide well for your family, then you have to earn a good income. You earn a good income by becoming very good, excellent, at your work, at something that you enjoy doing. So everything supports everything else.
Moustafa – Amazing. So last but not least, obviously the culmination of all of this is clarity because all of this is impossible not possible if you’re not very clear on what your passion is. How important is it for an individual to invest time and effort into getting clarity before taking action.
Brian – Well, it’s the same as building a building, or a house., umm, or even writing a book. Is you have to take the time to think through clearly, exactly what the final result will look like. As Steven Covey used to state, you start with the end in mind. You say if my actions were perfect, what would occur, what would happen and then you work back to the present and you begin taking steps every day to create your ideal future.
Moustafa – Amazing. Thank you very much. It’s been an honor and if anything, I’ve definitely found this to be very practical and useful. And am sure our viewers have found this to be very really practical and this is what I love about Brian. He’s invested, you know, they talk about ten thousand hours for mastery, I think he’s invested that and probably plus a couple of zeroes. And he’s just distilled all that for you on how to live and pursue your passion and I hope you find that good, stay with us.
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