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Make money online from your passion

December 14, 2016

World’s leading authority on wealth creation online shares his secrets for turning passion into profit

Peng Joon started out of desperation and now he turned his passion into an 8-figure online empirePeng Joon is World's Leading Authority on Wealth Creation Online, He successfully turned his passion into profit. He generated his first sale by creating the World of Warcraft game guide then went on to create over 500 websites and launched multiple products, which have become the foundation of his that turned into 8-figure online empireBut it was not all happy times, he started creating wealth online out of desperation which he turned into multi million dollar business Dedicated to enabling people to take their passion and life experiences, and turning them into a product that is profitable on the InternetWhen asked about his secret he says: “ in any entrepreneurial journey there will be ups and there will be lows, but rather than trying to eliminate obstacles I try to deal with them joyfully”So go ahead and click here if you want to learn how to take your passion and life experiences, and turning them into a product that is profitable on the Internet ; and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiPassionpreneur & Chief Energy OfficerAward Winning Author & SpeakerAKA The Passion Guy


Moustafa: Hello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays, the best way to end the week and start another.Our guest today is world’s number 1 authority for creating wealth online, Peng Joon.Peng, thank you very much for being here.Peng: All right, thank you, thank you.Moustafa: I really appreciate your passion for making this interview happen. I mean we, we just finished an event you had with about a thousand people listening to you, and you’re pretty much I heard, you rocked the room, yeah? What does passion mean to you?Peng: I feel that it’s about doing something that you love doing. It’s about waking up and be totally excited about what you’re about to do that day. That, to do something that you truly enjoyed doing. You know, that, that do something that means something to you, that’s passion!Moustafa: That’s passion. Well it’s beautiful when everybody talks about passion in such an amazing way but it’s not easy to always find that passion and I’m sure…Peng: Of course!Moustafa: You weren’t born on a stage and find everything going so well for you.Peng: So true.Moustafa: How do you find passion when passion is low?Peng: Just a thing. I think that one thing that separates me from a lot of other people is that, always different obstacles and struggles and challenges, I expect it to be there. I know that in the journey of entrepreneurship and in business and in speaking and all that kind of stuff, there will be ups and there will be lows. But rather than trying to eliminate these obstacles, I try to deal with it joyfully. And by having coming from that mindset, that angle - that makes all the difference.Moustafa: I like that. Deal with your struggles joyfully.Peng: Yeah. Don’t’ try to eliminate them, but deal with them joyfully.Moustafa: Deal with them joyfully. And how, how uh interesting is your journey because you got into being, you know, creating wealth online, where did you start to end up in that?Peng: It really started from desperation, I think that’s the word. Ah I was desperate, I was broke, ah no money and the only way I had to, turn to is go online and type in “How to make money online?”Moustafa: Whoa.Peng: And by doing simple search to about back then about 2 billion search results told me different things from Amazon, dropshipping (laughs) all these different ways…Moustafa: Yeah, I’ve been through that journeyPeng: So I think a lot of people would have when they tried to figure this thing out on their own. So ah what I did was I created this digital product teaching people how to play World of Warcraft. Which is one of reasons why they didn’t fail universally because I think people pay like a thousand dollars.Moustafa: (Laughs)Peng: So I created this digital product I didn’t think it would sell very well but it was really because this product helped me generate my first sale and then I was hooked.Moustafa: Wow! And how did that progress from being okay, I know something into I’m gonna be the number one in it? That’s a lot of passion!Peng: It, it started off really, really small scale. All I did was, I taught my bestfriend and back then, he was living, I’m from Malaysia, he was living the Malaysian dream. What is that? The Malaysian dream is, is like this, a lot of Malaysians, they want to graduate, get a good job in neither US, UK and got paid in US dollars, save enough money for over 10, 20, 30 years and eventually retire in Malaysia like a king. So what I did was I actually flew to US and taught this one person, my bestfriend, stayed with him on his cult in six months, taught him internet marketing. He was able to quit his job, come back to Malaysia and I thought “Wow! This stuff is really powerful. If I could make a difference to one person, I wanna be able to make, create real change and teach a lot of people.”Moustafa: So didn’t start by you saying “Yeah I’m gonna get rich on the internet.” It was more “I needed to pay the bills and then I wanna help somebody else.” You know, get something out of it.Peng: That’s right! So I, I started paying my bills with it. I quit my job because of that, and finally, I started teaching one person and from that, it just became, you know, fast forward. Now, it’s like eight years later and now here we are in Dubai.Moustafa: It’s amazing!Peng: (Laughs)Moustafa: I love that passion! I mean just so everybody knows, I mean, this guy’s been rocking the stage for a couple of days now. He’s got a lot of people coming. He’ll be in Dubai soon so you make sure you come to his course.Peng: Yeah.Moustafa: Peng, thank you very much for…Peng: Well, thank you!Moustafa: Thank you for making this happen and all the amazing passion that’s here.Peng: Yeah.Moustafa: Thank you!Moustafa and Peng: Passion!

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