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Feeling Low on Motivation?

April 23, 2016

A friend slapped me on the face to help me get motivated!

Make your motivation shoot through the roof with this simple yet effective method.We all feel low on motivation at times, even inspirational speakers.Early on in my journey it was really tough, and still is so this is why I developed this effective motivation system; but back then I called a friend of mine to vent out and as I’m complaining she says to me: “Moustafa, an inspirational speaker that needs inspiration does not work”; and that was exactly the slap on my face that made me realize that if I ever wanna achieve anything in life, I have to be able to always find inspiration and stay motivated.The motivation system I have developed will make your motivation shoot up the roof by tackling both your internal and external motivation, and no slapping, guaranteed!Internal inspiration comes from expecting positive outcomes from your actions and external motivation comes from believing that what you are about to do can be done otherwise its illogical to expend energy on it. The system I have developed is simple, practical and effective so go ahead watch it and then share and spread the love.Live PassionatelyMoustafa HamwiHello everyone and welcome back to Passion Sundays. The best way to end the week and start another. Now are you feeling low on motivation. Don’t seem to be able to get inspired? And don’t seem to be able to find the energy to get on with pursuing your goals and dreams. Guess what? You are not the only one. So many people out there suffer from the exact same thing. And I did so many years ago until one of my friends slapped me on the face (metaphorically).Let me tell you an inside story. Many years ago when I started my journey as an inspirational speaker, nothing was going according to plan and nothing was working out the way I wanted it. It was getting really difficult and really hard on a day to day basis until I starting nagging and complaining and seeing that nothing’s going to work out. I called a friend of mine to vent out and as I am complaining, she says to me, Moustafa, an inspirational speaker that needs inspiration does not work. And that was exactly the slap on my face that made me realize that if I ever wanna achieve anything in life, I have to be able to find my internal inspiration, to go and pursue my dreams. Now I have developed a very effective and efficient system that will help you stay motivated. That tackles your internal inspiration and external motivation.Let’s start with your internal inspiration. What is the reason that you do not get the energy to do something? It’s simply because you do not see the point from doing it. When you know that there is a positive outcome at the end, the motivation and the energy will come. Think about it. When was the last time you felt demotivated to go out and party or have fun? Simply not! Because you know that there is a clear positive outcome at the end of it. Now to help you on that, I am gonna give you a little exercise. So go ahead and grab your pen and paper. You are gonna write no less than 10 preferably up to 50, clear, positive, expected outcomes from you taking the action. So, let’s talk about gym for example. You are demotivated to go to the gym? Ask yourself, if I go to the gym, what positive outcomes will I get? 1. I am gonna feel energized. 2. I am gonna get fit. 3. I am gonna socialize with some people. And you keep going on, going on, going on. By the time you hit 10, you will feel motivated. By the time you hit 50, you will have to stop yourself from actually doing it.So, now let’s talk about your external motivators. One of the things that makes you demotivated is that you probably don’t believe that what you want to do is actually gonna get any results or you don’t believe that it is doable. And to get over that, I will highly recommend you go and do some research about people that have achieved what you are trying to achieve and even if they did not succeed, you’ve got something to learn from their mistakes. I promise you, there is about 7 billion people on the planet, a few of them probably did what you wanna do.So, you see. Once you get so much clarity on your internal motivators and your external motivators, your energy is going to shoot up the roof. That I promise you. There are other reasons why you might be demotivated. It could be fear, it could be procrastination and it could be bad habits and we are gonna talk about all of these in following episodes. However, I promise you, start with the exercises that I gave you and you are gonna get motivated.*Now as I wrap up, I will leave you with one takeaway to tweet and remember, focusing on the positive outcomes brings up your motivation. What do you think?I would love to hear your opinion. How do you motivate yourself when you are low on energy or you don’t see the point out of what you are doing? Share your opinion with our community and if you would like to stay engaged, subscribe to our social media channels. And if you want even more valuable resources and exclusive interviews, then go to and subscribe to our Passion Sundays newsletter.Until the next episode, Live Passionately!

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