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The Billion Dollar Question…Do you Know what Makes you Tick?

January 29, 2016

If you do not not know the answer to this question then you will feel as lost in life as Alice In Wonderland

Hello everyone and welcome to PassionSundays, the best way to end a week and start another. Here's the billion dollar question. Do you know what makes you tick? Because if you do not know what makes you tick, you’re going to feel lost, confused, disoriented, you would pretty much feel like Alice in Wonderland.You see, when Alice was lost, she came across the cat, and she said “tell me which way I should go?” And the cat said, “that depends on where you wanna get to.” Alice said, “I don’t know!” He goes – “Well then, it does not matter which way you go.”You see, all of us are living our life asking people for directions; which way I should go, what should I do, what should I study and so on, but we never stop to ask the most profound question, of what do we want out of life?You see, we all feel like Alice at sometimes, and I did so many years ago. My journey of self-discovery took me on a one-way ticket to India, to the Himalayas and meditation and contemplation, and it took me many months before I find my calling. However, today I am going to help you find your passion by asking you just one question. To answer that question, we’re going to need your cheque book. So, pause the video and go ahead and grab your chequebook. And if you do not have a chequebook, draw a cheque on a piece of paper.Now, on the cheque write the cheque to yourself and in the number space write 1 billion dollars, i.e., 1 with 9 zeros, and in the letters spell it out one billion dollars, and go ahead and sign that cheque. Now, look at that cheque with one billion dollars in your name, tear it off and look at it again.Feels amazing, you got a cheque in your name for one billion dollars, that’s yours. So, feel free to fold it, take it and put it in your pocket, close to your heart. Now, that you have got that much money, you’ve got no more financial concerns, your family is taken care of, anyone you love is taken care of, and any dream you wanna achieve in life, you’ve got the financial resources to make it happen.The question is, what do you wanna do with your life? How do you wanna spend your time?How do you wanna spend your energy?Now I know some of you are going to say I wanna go on a very long holiday, and that’s fine, what next? Your holiday is going to be over after a while, and you are going to get bored. How do you wanna use your energy? What skills do you wanna learn, and what impact do you wanna leave on this planet?I get all sorts of answers to these questions. Starting from someone who says I want a house on a beach with a little restaurant, up to somebody who says I wanna be a painter and a singer, up to the other end of the spectrum where I get people who are saying I want to invest that and reopen business empires, and employ thousands of people. And you know what, all of these answers are as phenomenal as the people that have made them, because nobody is wrong or right for their choices, this is a personal choice.So be honest with yourself and dare to answer that question with guts, what would you want to do with your life. See, our fulfilment in life is proportional to how much we honour our calling, and once you find your calling and live true to it, only then you will have a 100% satisfaction out of your life. And that’s why, when people come to me on a passion discovery journey I ask them over 40 well-designed questions. So, whatever you have to do, whether you work with me or with somebody else, you read books, you take courses, do whatever it takes to find your passion and then dedicate the rest of your life towards living it.I hope you found this episode valuable, helping you on the journey of living a passionate and fulfilling life. And as I wrap up, I will leave you with one takeaway to tweet and remember-“Find your passion and dedicate your life towards living it, you are either living your dream or somebody else’s.”What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion.How did you find your passion?What books did you read?What courses did you take?Share your opinion with our passion community.And, if you would like to stay engaged, subscribe to our social media channel, and if you want even more valuable resources and exclusive interviews, go to and subscribe to our Passion Sundays’ newsletter.Until next episode, live passionatelyMoustafa Hamwi

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