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Passion & Purpose
The secret ingredient to an amazing life & successful work.

Do you know what makes you tick?

According to Gallup research 90% of the MENA workforce is unhappy & disengaged, that costs your organisation a substantial amount in productivity, attrition and sick leave.

It is normal that work can tend to get monotonous, yet, when you find your passion in and your energy levels go up, your performance becomes better and you simply enjoy life more…The question is how can you do that without having to leave your job, especially if your passion is far from your current job?

Passion is the secret ingredient to the success of any leader, is the secret of great relationships and most importantly is the key behind achieving an amazingly fulfilling life.

This talk is guaranteed to bring more life into your day to day!

Passionate Leadership

“Anyone can have passion when times are good, it’s when times are hard that great leaders stand out.”
– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World’s #1 Executive Coach & World’s #1 Leadership Thinker

This talk is based on the work of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in the area of leadership and Moustafa’s research on passion.

The passionate leader will be required to give people a sense of being connected and aligned to a bigger mission to have the mindset that it is a privilege to have an impact on people’s lives, and do work that will move the needle in the world.


“I have no talents. I am only passionately curious.”
– Albert Einstein

Disruptive Innovation is the buzzword these days and yet everyone is being conventional in their approach and being more like a herd of sheep than true innovators, this is simply due our historical conditioning and the current non-innovative process in innovation!

Considering one of the most intelligent people on this planet talked about his passion being the source of his genius it is clear how passion changes that and makes us emerge as truly disruptive innovators!

This session will spark discussion on the biggest challenges and practical tools using the “Passionnovate” methodology to turn the challenges into opportunities to thrive.

Way of the Passionpreneur

“The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life.”
– Richard Branson

Entrepreneurship is a mindset not a function, it’s not about being your own boss nor about having a startup. Its about turning challenges into opportunities.

The world today is in a very critical stage of its evolution with many challenges requiring amazing innovative entrepreneurs of passion & purpose.

These are the Passionpreneurs that will lead the next era.

Feeling inspired to do what you love, change the world and having fun while doing it… then this talk is for you.

Dominate Your Market

The Blueprint to Dominate Your Market Niche Through Personal Branding

Are you an Entrepreneur, Professional Expert or Executive looking to build a global personal brand so you can:

• Become the Go-To AUTHORITY IN YOUR FIELD and stand out against the competition.
SHARE YOUR STORY, spread your message and create a legacy.
• Launch coaching, consulting or SPEAKING CAREER.

Then this talk “The Blueprint To Dominate Your Market Niche Through Personal Branding” is for you.

Pitch Lab

Present, Pitch, & Sell Passionately

Approximately 35 million PowerPoint presentations are given each day, most people tune out within 10 minutes. If your business or career depends on getting a YES! then this will be the most crucial thing to learn.

This talk/workshop will help you learn the secrets of delivering with so much passion that you take your audience on an emotional journey much like an unforgettable movie does.

More importantly, it’s all about closing the deal at the end of the presentation, learn how to get your audience to say a big YES by the end of your presentation.

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