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Moustafa spent years running one of the largest and most successful events agencies in Dubai, so from one events professional to another, this is your dedicated resources page. If you’re looking for anything else, please contact me at any time. We will do what it takes to make your event a huge success. After all, we are passionate about what we do.


You have a one-time opportunity to make a lasting impression; this technical rider will ensure you get the maximum impact from the keynote regardless if you have a small group or an audience of hundreds.


This questionnaire helps us understand your needs and prepare the presentation that matches your target audience, event goals and delivers ROI.


A strong opening introduction gets the audience attention and establishes credibility. This suggested script makes it easy for both a professional MC or company staff to do a great job opening the talk.


Well written bio for use in the event website, agenda or even promotional material. Choose from one liner, short or long bios to make your planning process easier.


Get more publicity with this Pre-packaged set of promotional materials for use with print and broadcast media.


Social media is one of the most effective ways to drive attendance, gain media exposure for the occasion, and generate an early buzz around the proceedings. We make it easy for you with these customizable templates.

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