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World’s Most Renowned Energy Healer Talks Passion

Dr. Eric Pearl: “people who have the courage to live their passion are truly fortunate”

Quantum physics supports that pursing your passion make every atom in your body aligned
Dr. Eric Pearl has trained nearly 100,000 people in over 100 countries to heal themselves and heal others. Reported healings range from extreme medical issues such as cancer, chronic fatigue, stress and arthritis to improvement in our everyday relationships. He has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN and in The New York Times. His international bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself has been published in 39 languages.
He says passion is drive, focus and attention that is unwavering.
When we are pursing our passion we grow & expand and quantum physics supports that pursing your passion make every atom in your body aligned.
When we are following our drive becomes the drive to give & receive, with that we become more and allow others to become more and that energy keeps flowing
So go ahead and click here if you want to find out how to heal yourself through passion and get improvement in everyday relationships; and don’t forget to share it around and spread the passion.
Live Passionately

Moustafa Hamwi
Passionpreneur & Chief Energy Officer
Award Winning Author
AKA The Passion Guy


Moustafa:           Hello every one and welcome back to Passion Sundays – the best way to end the week and start another.
Our guest today, is the founder of Reconnective Healing. And he is phenomenally passionate about life progress, Dr. Eric Pearl.
Dr. Eric thanks for being here today.
Dr. Eric:                 Thank you for having me I’m glad we could do this.
Moustafa:           I appreciate it. Ah…The first question I wanna ask you which is obvious, what does passion mean to you?
Dr. Eric:                 Passion to me is…drive…focus, attention that is pretty much unwavering. Purpose…I know that’s umm, I thought I said, I believe that people who find their life purpose are, and I know that it’s not a popular word but I use it, lucky…fortunate, because I really think most of us more than we realize are living our life purpose without recognizing it. But, I believe that people who have the courage to choose, to actually live their life purpose, are truly fortunate. I’m a living mind, so that’s my passion. I live, breathe, drink, eat, Reconnective Healing. I teach it all around the globe. I wake up thinking about it. I go to sleep thinking about it. My dreams are about it. I think that’s passion.
Moustafa:           I love it. And how did you find out that this was your passion?
Dr. Eric:                 Oh how did I found Reconnective Healing. Hmmm. A few strange things happened. I know I can tell you is that I practice as chiropractic doctor for 12 years. When home one night thinking as a doctor, had an unusual evening, and on that Monday morning I went to the office. My patients started telling me they could feel my hands without me touching them. As I held my hands near them, their bodies went into involuntary movement. Their eyes started to move, they open their eyes, they reported seeing colors that they had not seen, smelling beautiful flowers that they’d not smelled, and they started demonstrating healings. They’re healings. At first, what I recognize were the physical healings. Kids,___, or epilepsy, suddenly able to walk around and play. People regain the use of arms and legs, vision and hearing. As a matter of fact, the University of Arizona just this past year or so published a study that says, only two minutes, or only minutes they said, only minutes of Reconnective Healing is more than twice the fact of this physical therapy in restoring range of motions in the limbs and the body. Then we started to see, people’s lives changing in many other ways. They came in and they were reporting how they were more centered, more balanced, more focused, more driven, you can say more passionate. I guess I haven’t thought of it that way. And how other people in their lives, suddenly on a dime seem to change. People who they work with became more friendly, more supportive. Family relationships blossomed, became more patient, more loving. Primarily relationships evolved very rapidly or were discovered when they haven’t, they can’t in their lives. Many people say, that they’re life course had change and I use to joke, I used to say reconnective healing, jokingly almost should come with a warning “Caution: May radically altered the course of your life.” But what it actually does is, it throws you to your life path in a highly accelerated way. Well you almost have to pause and say “Wait how do I get here?” and then you look back and say “This makes perfect sense to me now. I don’t how long would it have taken me otherwise, but I’m really glad I progress this much forward.” Mental clarity, emotional clarity, re-youth thing, becoming younger from the inside. How you feel, how you move, how you look. Studies have shown that this actually restructures the light,that we emit in our body that communicates, a return to harmony, coherence, and balance and really what this takes harmony, coherence, and balance in every aspect of our lives. Not just fixing something that may not be functioning as well as it used to be but into evolving into the next level, beyond the highest we’ve ever been.
Moustafa:           I love it. I mean, I see your passion for what you did is obvious and you were flowing without even thinking. Ah and the question here is, until you get to the point in the transformation whatever the trigger was, did you ever imagine or think this will be your calling or you’re doing that?
Dr. Eric:                 I have to tell you, I don’t know. The reason I’m going to say that is, because, I don’t recall necessarily thinking something about this consciously. I never studied anything you would consider to be in the form of, healing, energy healing something along those lines. What we call internationally Reconnective Healing, is an internationally trademark term for this evolution. I tell you in practicing as a doctor of chiropractic, I was growing in a consciousness, an awareness, that we can become one with one another. We can become one, with consciousness. The universe…God, whatever word we wanna choose. And when we recognize that we are all one, in the awareness, healing jumps to a new level. Evolution jumps to a new level. As a doctor of chiropractic, I or any other doctor could make a physical adjustment in your spine and bring about a certain level of a return to balance and health in the physical body. But maintaining that awareness that we are all one, you can see the physical, and the spiritual if you like, and then making that same adjustment, would bring you about high level of healing. Reconnective healing is done off the body, it’s without even physical touch. Have you ever experienced it?
Moustafa:           Umm, Upp, No experience particularly Reconnective Healing but, you know I’ve experienced, I’ve experienced distance healing and a lot of forms of healing without touch. And what I love about everything that you’re saying, is that to me that sounds like another definition of passion because if you truly passionate in serving your purpose, you’ll be flowing, and transmitting and becoming a medium, for whatever comes through you and for some people it’s healing in case of what you do or it’s the words that come out of my mouth in my case, they’re no different, they’re all passion.
Dr. Eric:                 It’s love. To passion is lot of love for something. Also manifest as love for you and it’s a sharing in become…It’s not just a transmission you become a catalyst for a change. Can I play with your hand for a sec?
Moustafa:           Yes.
Dr. Eric:                 Okay. Hold your hand up here.
Moustafa:           Uh oh.
Dr. Eric:                 Open your fingers, keep them like that nice and strong. I bring my hand in here.
Moustafa:           Uh oh.
Dr. Eric:                 See the movement on your fingers?
Moustafa:           Hmm.
Do you see your ring finger moving?
Moustafa:           Uhm.
Dr. Eric:                 There. Notice how it gets stronger the movement as I pull away.
Moustafa:           Uhm.
Dr. Eric:                 Because this is not just energy. Energy gets weaker with distance, this is more.
Moustafa:           Uh oh.
Dr. Eric:                 What do you feel when I do this?
Moustafa:           I feel a tension here in this muscle.
Dr. Eric:                 You feel the muscle tightening. Now, as I stretch and pull
Moustafa:           Uhm.
Dr. Eric:                 And you’re fingers move, are you moving them or they’re moving themselves?
Moustafa:           I’m letting them move.
Dr. Eric:                 Okay then they’re moving by themselves.
Moustafa:           Yeah.
Dr. Eric:                 What’s happening to the sensation that you were feeling before in your forearm?
You can keep your eyes open, it won’t go away.
Moustafa:           Uhm.
Dr. Eric:                 What happens to the sensation that you were feeling in your forearm?
Moustafa:           Yeah.
Dr. Eric:                 Does it stay the same? Does it changed?
Moustafa:           It’s moving.
Dr. Eric:                 It’s moving, okay. This is an interaction that has been shown in scientific studies to restructure the tissue within us in a way that it returns to a highest state of health, vibration, and balance. And once our tissue changes, since we are really a physical manifestation of love and consciousness, then our health level, evolves and expands with that… We share communication because everyone is one. Everyone is touching and no one was touching, I was not physically touching you yet there is an interaction. So my passion, my love, my essence, shares with yours and we naturally rise higher more harmonic interaction with this. So passion can be shared as exquisitely as you shared it with your interviews and with that light in your eyes when you smile, and it can be shared non-verbally. Even if it just comes from the smile that someone gives you at the checkout counter in the store, or it comes from someone sharing a space with you, on an airplane or at a theater.
Moustafa:           I love that, so a fine reading between the lines, what you are saying is somebody on their passion, they would start healing from within also.
Dr. Eric:                 It can be shared that way. We teach people. I have trained at various levels, close to hundred thousand people around the world how to do this work. Now they’re not anywhere that trained like on professional level because, our professional training program is brand new and we um  just started about it maybe two years ago at most. We brought it once to Dubai and we’re bringing it again December 9 through 12 here to Dubai to teach you either, level 1 of the training program which is focusing more on self-healing and being able to begin to work with the balance in love and harmony, health and evolution of your immediate circle of friends or family or professional level which will continue on the 11th or 12th I believe…
Moustafa:           Uhm.
Dr. Eric:                 Of December. Basically you know, I’m excited I tell you, let me tell you what I’m excited about. You asked about passion. The book that I’ve written is called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. It had evolved into, has evolved into 39 languages. It’s international bestseller. It’s been in 39th a long time. Long time. It’s finally now going to be released in its 40th language. Take a wild guess.
Moustafa:           Arabic.
Dr. Eric:                 Arabic. I am so excited. Because, the Arabic speaking community, the Arabic community is so physical in world thought and consciousness. And I, and I found as if, this information was being held back and it was out of my control because it requires as if, as you know, a publisher has to say, let’s say, I chose the publisher in this language, it doesn’t just to be my choice. I’m very thrilled in doing that and we’re finding open, loving, receptive hearts and minds in the world. And as the Arabic community is pivotal in the world, let’s face it. Dubai is the pivotal of the Arabic speaking community.
Moustafa:           I love it. So if you’re to, kind of, give one tip to conclude about pursuing passion.
Dr. Eric:                 To pursue passion to me, means, single, focused, attention on where you desire to go and what you desire to give. It’s not allowing anyone to logic you away and tell you, it should be something else. There’s an inner knowingness that directs us. You know it’s like, this might sound overly simple but it’s not. Something tells birds when it’s time to fly North or when it’s time to fly South, They don’t get together and have long discussions and vote on it in a monthly bird meeting every other Thursday, right? They know because it’s their inner drive to know when it’s more appropriate to procreate, to contribute to the world, every being on this planet contributes. We know, what we’re here to do. Our desires cleanly are our drives, it’s part of an optimal universal design. Our drives, we might think of this as self-ish, but I believe that the design when we desire them for that level of self-awareness, is really to drive us to do something that ultimately contributes to the universe. Every time we grow, every time we expand, every time we received, every time we experienced. Every awareness and insight we gained, is picked up according to quantum physics today, by every proton in our body. And once one proton has, has it, we shared with every proton in the universe and this is how we continue to expand. So in this case following our drive, becomes a drive to give and we receive, by the way which allows us to get more, and by the way, I called the book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, in the process of allowing others to become more. We become more and as we become more, then we reach a greater level of being able to share our passion, you know allowing others to become more and they become more of what their passion is.
Moustafa:           I love it. There’s no better way to conclude this Dr. Eric. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing lesson with everybody and hopefully everybody serves everybody by being passionate. Thank you very much.
Dr. Eric:                 My pleasure.
Moustafa:           Appreciate it.
Moustafa and Dr. Eric:   Passion!
Moustafa:           I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. And if you did love it share it with your friends so they can benefit too. And let us know your opinion on the blog below. And if you’d like more tools, tips, techniques and exclusive interviews that I only share on my website then go to And until next episode, live passionately.

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