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Passion Is The Creative Spark Of His Valuable Innovations

The VP of Innovations at UAE’s fastest growing mobile communications and technology provider, du Telecom, says discovering what really drives you will help you bring value i...

Her Passion For Understanding People Pushed Her To Seek Disagreements

BuzzFeed’s Lead News Curation Editor Sara Yasin explains how her passion for communication helped her understand the current environment and be better at her job.



His Passion To Build A Better Future Drove Him To Connect The Most Innovative Entrepreneurs

The CEO of world’s leading startup incubator 1776 Evan Burfield says you can make a big difference if you keep going even when you desperately want...

Her Childhood Passion Was The Foundation For A Career As A BBC Journalist

BBC World News journalist and producer Lorna Blount shares how her childhood passion inspired her to work in media and be confident.



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